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Welcome Back!

This website was recently offline for about a week. I changed webhosting companies in order to provide a more secure environment for all of our traffic. The changeover was a little slower than I expected - how much in life really moves as quick as we expect?!


The result is same look; same feel; same functionality; same modules! But the unseen result will be better security.


You can rest assured that all of the original modules built and hosted here are still here, and still conservative, evangelical, bible believing and Christ honoring.


Welcome back!

Coming Updates to DDT

In the near future, will be going through some renovations.


  1. You will see some minor cosmetic changes as many of the older and broken links will be removed. Most of these are the commercial links to They will be updated or “disappeared.” (Note: starting your here at is still an easy way to financially support this ministry.)
  2. I’ve decided to remove the links to external modules. At some point in the near future, this site will only host modules; it will no longer link to modules at other sites that I like. There are only a couple of other good module sites anyway - and most of us all know where they are.
  3. I plan on selling some of my own studies in other formats (mainly .pdfs, Kindle and softcover). I hope these studies will be a blessing to the Body of Christ.
  4. Some other minor site modifications.
  5. And of course, more of the other stuff you’ve come to expect: modules, reviews, helps, tips, etc.


These updates will come slowly. One thing that will remain: will continue to host conservative, evangelical, Bible believing and Christ honoring material - some of the best stuff you’ll find on the web.

Hey, DDTers!


I’ve culled through all of the module links pages and removed links. Just about every module now listed here at DDT is either a direct link (to a module hosted onsite) or an indirect link (an immediate download to a module hosted on another site).


There are still a very few modules that I point to where you’ll have to go to another website to download; but I’ve attempted to make it clear that those are offsite links.


If you happen to find a broken link on one of the module pages, I’ll fix it just as soon as you let me know, if you wouldn’t mind helping me out a bit. . . :-)

Site Update Stage 1 Complete

OK - The easiest work is now finished.


I’ve gone through just about every page on the site, and I’ve removed all of the broken links, and have updated many of the ones that were not working. The site should now look good as well as function well (for a low-tech site).


The rest of the work now will simply seem to be regular site updates and maintenance.


Unfortunately, from here on out the site will improve slowly. I’m looking forward to adding my own content as well as writing more blog posts about TW functionality as well as writing more premium module reviews (I have a ton of that to do).


I’m also hopeful that I’ll be able to add the DDT official modules to TW’s third party module repository now that the site is back up and functioning. I’ll keep you posted when that happens.


Thanks for being patient while the site went through this recent upgrade.

Site Update Stage 2 Complete

I know that blue widget at the top right of the site said that “Sermon Pamphlets Coming Soon” was up there for a loooong time; but now I’m close. Really close. In fact, I have a working mock up right now that is in the testing stage.


I have a small booklet on the Song of Solomon that will be available, and 7 sermon pamphlets that will be available. At first they will only be available as softcover books/pamphlets; I hope to make them available as premium modules at some point in near future (Costas has told me September). I’d also like to make them available in the Kindle format, but I’m not sure how soon that might (or might not) happen.


Over the years, some of you have asked how you could help with the site. I don’t ask for donations (never have, never will). I have let it be known that if you’ll start your shopping here, a small percentage will get back to me. Many of you have done that, and I give you my thanks.


Also, if you buy a TW premium module by starting here, a small portion of that comes back to me. Many of you have done that as well. Thank you so much.


Now there will be one more way to help me out with this site: by purchasing some of my own softcover works. These should be available by Labor Day (2016, really!).

Sermon Pamplets Coming Soon (Really!)

Site maintenance had been so little and so slow recently, that I’m sure many of you are wondering if any work is going on here at all at DDT.


“Believe me. All kinds of stuff is going on here. It’s true. All kinds of stuff. Believe me.” (Sorry you can’t hear my Donald Trump impersonation as I write those words.)


First, the DDT Store is tested and ready. All I’m waiting for now is my last bit of stock to arrive, and then it will go live - well before my Labor Day estimate.


Second, TW users will enjoy this: I’m adding most of my DDT modules and the OMLB modules to theWord’s software repository. This is just so cool! Costas has coded theWord to allow third party module builders (like me) to make our modules accessible within the program itself. So, just like you can download official modules without going to the website, soon every TW user* will be able to download DDT modules from within the program, without coming to the DDT website.


Downloading from the repository is so easy. Select which repository you want to browse. Click the box of the modules you want. When you’re finished browsing and selecting, click the “Download and Install” button; and voila! TheWord does the rest of the work for you. Simply close theWord and reopen it; and all those modules are loaded. You’ll still need to put them in their proper module sets, but theWord makes that so easy you’ll be done in moments.


For the DDT user like you, the real benefit will be when I beautify an already existing module. If you’ll visit the repository once in a while, you’ll find that some of the modules you’ve already loaded have been updated. Simply click the box again, and then “download and install,” and the next time you start theWord, that module will be automagically** updated - no further set maintenance required.


I am doing quite a bit of manual editing of these modules to make them ready for the repository. And many of the modules are being beautified at the same time. Thus the work is a little slow. But once finished, dozens and dozens and dozens (not sure if it will be 200 or 300 or 400...) of DDT modules will be easily available inside the excellent TW Software.


By the way - I’m not the only one working at this. Josh Bond’s excellent “” is already up and running inside the TW repository system.


AAAAAND - Mr. Bond has graciously and sacrificially helped me tremendously with my repository. There is no way I would have been able to do this without his help. So, Josh, if you’re reading this, thank you so very much for your service to the Savior for helping to get all of these modules out for access by the body of Christ. I so appreciate your kindness to me personally. “Believe me. I’m so thankful. It’s true. So thankful. Believe me!”


*one caveat: internet service is required.

**Brent Hildebrand’s original word

“Believe me. More stuff happening here than what you can see. It’s true.”

DDT Store Is Now Open

Our testing period is now finished. Purchases have been made. Shipments have been delivered. Kinks have been removed. Stock has arrived. The DDT Store is now open for business.


I have one book available - on The Song of Solomon, no less! - and eight sermon pamphlets available. Over time I hope to add many more titles to the DDT Store.


Shipping is available everywhere in the United States.


Even if you can’t make a purchase at this time, do me a favor and window shop. Check out the store page. Let me know what you think.