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“The Baptist Disciple” was originally a single blog post I had made at another site. It’s purpose was to categorize the available eSword resources that were solid, Bible believing study helps for those involved in “non-vocational full time ministry.” I would later create two more similar blog entries designed more for full time ministers (“The Baptist Expositor” and “The Baptist Theologue”), and then a fourth one, too (“The Baptist Historian”). It was a ton of work to maintain, and the site I had chosen was “a sinking ship.” I decided I needed to replace “The Baptist” blog post series with my own site.


So “The Baptist Disciple” was really my entrance into eSword website building. The entire DDT site has grown out of the seeds that were planted from “TBD” (which does not mean in this context “To Be Determined” - unless you see it as “I was determined to build a better website!”).


Since DDT went live in March, 2010, I have struggled with how to use my “flagship” blog. Even though the page has been blank for months, it still gets regular “hits” from bookmarks and hyperlinks from around the ‘net. (NOTE: I’m quite pleased that TBD was a very popular web destination. It was one of the most popular pages at eswordusers.)


I regularly re-think how to best use “The Baptist Disciple” brand. I’ve often thought to make it my “Top 100” resources for eSword and theWord. But with new resources released just about on a daily basis, a “Top 100” would require constant maintenance. Besides that, DDT only lists the cream of the crop anyway when it comes to Bible study modules. I list less than half of the modules that I could link to, simply because of unbiblical content and/or poor formatting. Really, the entire site is my “Best eSword and theWord Modules Page” categorized for ease of use.


So, “The Baptist Disciple” is now an entrance to my module site. While not as big as some others, I think mine is the best module site for two main reasons: 1) solid doctrinal filters (Baptists and “baptistics” will, for the most part, love all of these resources!); and 2) easy to use library style categorization of modules.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Just want to say “Hi”? Drop me a note. I’ll be glad to hear from you.


-- Dave


The Baptist Disciple