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After you’ve explored this site, make sure you visit these other sites for more Bible study modules. You’ll also find other friendly software users that can answer any questions you might have about how either program works. They are great sites!

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e-Sword is a complete Bible software program. It is simple, straight-forward, and works well “right out of the box.” Most users will love the simple functionality of this software.

Do you have a Tablet computer or a cell phone that is run by Android? Would you like a free Bible app for it? Try “MySword.”

To use the modules that are distributed here on this site, you’ll need one of these free (no strings attached: really free!) Bible software programs:

Welcome Back!

This website was recently offline for about a week. I changed webhosting companies in order to provide a more secure environment for all of our traffic. The changeover was a little slower than I expected - how much in life really moves as quick as we expect?!


The result is same look; same feel; same functionality; same modules! But the unseen result will be better security.


You can rest assured that all of the original modules built and hosted here are still here, and still conservative, evangelical, bible believing and Christ honoring.


Welcome back!

DDT Sermon Pamphlets
Coming Soon!

Coming Updates to DDT

In the near future, will be going through some renovations.


  1. You will see some minor cosmetic changes as many of the older and broken links will be removed. Most of these are the commercial links to They will be updated or “disappeared.” (Note: starting your here at is still an easy way to financially support this ministry.)
  2. I’ve decided to remove the links to external modules. At some point in the near future, this site will only host modules; it will no longer link to modules at other sites that I like. There are only a couple of other good module sites anyway - and most of us all know where they are.
  3. I plan on selling some of my own studies in other formats (mainly .pdfs, Kindle and softcover). I hope these studies will be a blessing to the Body of Christ.
  4. Some other minor site modifications.
  5. And of course, more of the other stuff you’ve come to expect: modules, reviews, helps, tips, etc.


These updates will come slowly - I’ve been pastoring Anchor Baptist Church in Brooksville, FL, since 2014. Time for website development has just about come to a standstill (haven’t noticed that, have you...?)


One thing that will remain: will continue to host conservative, evangelical, Bible believing and Christ honoring material - some of the best stuff you’ll find on the web.