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Helpful Blog Posts

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After you’ve explored this site, make sure you visit these other sites for more Bible study modules. You’ll also find other friendly software users that can answer any questions you might have about how either program works. They are great sites!

TheWord is a powerful, full-featured Bible software program that is fully customizable and feature-rich. If you’re comfortable with your computer and want to study your Bible, you’ll love this software.

e-Sword is a complete Bible software program. It is simple, straight-forward, and works well “right out of the box.” Most users will love the simple functionality of this software.

Do you have a Tablet computer or a cell phone that is run by Android? Would you like a free Bible app for it? Try “MySword.”

To use the modules that are distributed here on this site, you’ll need one of these free (no strings attached: really free!) Bible software programs:

Accelerating the eSword Experience

Returning eSword to its Four-Minute Mile Productivity


Over time, things which were fast slow down. The first man credited with running a four-minute mile was an Englishman named Roger Bannister. He achieved this feat with a time of 3:59.4 - six tenths of a second less than four minutes. I don’t know if he was given any fancy nicknames like “Tail Wind Turner” or “Combustible Huxtable” (if you’ve never watched the sitcom called “The Cosby Show,” forget it), but that was fast. It still is; not world-record-fast any more, but still the measure by which runners are scored: “Can you run a four-minute mile?”


I’m quite sure that Sir Roger Bannister can’t run a four-minute mile any longer; you see, he’s almost 85 years old. And this I know: over time, things which were fast slow down.


And that brings me to eSword. When you first installed eSword, it was quick; it was responsive; it ran the computer version of the four-minute mile. But over time; well, you know what happens. Over time, things which were fast slow down. It happened to your eSword experience, too.


While Sir Roger  can’t turn back the ravages of old age, there are some things that you can do to “turn back the clock” on your eSword speed & performance. It can run its four-minute mile again.


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The Missing Jewel in the Crown Jewel of Theology

One of my favorite theological writers is Henry Thiessen. His Lectures in Systematic Theology was one of my texts in grad school; and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Right at the beginning of the text, he writes this:


For generations theology has been considered the queen of the sciences and systematic theology the crown of the queen. Theology itself is the science of God and his works and systematic theology is the systematizing of the findings of that science.


Or, if I might rephrase: The established doctrines of Systematic Theology are the crown jewels of all of the scientific disciplines. Those established doctrines are typically broken into 9 doctrines (sometimes 10 or 11, depending on how the major doctrines are categorized). They are:

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The New International Commentary

Eerdman’s 40 Volume Flagship is now available for TW

Costas has recently released the 40 volume “New International Commentary” series published by Eerdman’s. This massive set enjoys near unanimous praise from reviewers of all theological stripes.


This set moves to the top of the list of “primo” resources available for theWord. It’s combination of modern scholarship and evangelical dogma is sure to please those who have a similar doctrinal stance as mine.


Click here for more information.

Important Reminder for TW Users

Keep Your Modules Up-To-Date!

A note all TW users: there is a free module update available for BDAG. You can easily access it inside TW by clicking “Help / Check For Updates on modules....” Just follow the prompts to download the updates. Make sure you close TW prior to running the downloaded .exe file - and then, everything is automatic. (BDAG is the premier Greek lexicon available anywhere. If you don’t have it yet, give it a look here.) It is a good idea to periodically check to make sure all of your official modules are up-to-date in this fashion.

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