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Here’s some brief biographical information (you can request my full resume package by email):



I live in central Florida, with my wife and three sons. We homeschool our children - and love doing so. As you can see from the rest of this site, I am a big believer in Bible study, and making excellent Bible study materials freely available to anyone who wants them.


I am a doctrinal expositor. To me, the clearest explanation of the Word of God - and therefore, the most impactful in the lives of God’s people - is when a single passage of Scripture is clearly explained and applied. Most of my preaching follows this pattern.


Here are some sample sermons for you to listen to:


Click the speaker to hear “How to Listen to Gospel Preaching and Teaching, Part 1 ” from 1Th 2:13-14.


Click the speaker to hear “How to Listen to Gospel Preaching and Teaching, Part 2” from 1Th 2:15-16.


Click the speaker to hear “Weighed & Found Wanting” from Daniel 5.


Click the speaker to hear “Just What Made Noah Different?” from Genesis 6.


You can drop me an email note by clicking here .


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


1Th 2 13-14 How to Listen to Gospel Preaching.mp3
1Th 2 15-16 by Dr. David S. Thomason.mp3
Dan 5 Weighed and Found Wanting.mp3
Gen 6 Just What Made Noah Different.mp3