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While this page is still under construction, it’s final form may be taking shape. Right now, I’m putting the newest modules at the top of this list (just below the opening paragraphs). Further down you’ll find the rest of the “DDT MySword Library” catalogued by module type utilizing a rough Dewey Decimal organization that approximates the layout of the rest of the site. Click right here to jump to the “DDT MySword Library.”


What is MySword? Well, it is the equivalent of eSword/theWord for Android software. So, if you have a smartphone or tablet computer powered with Android software, then MySword is for you. I have MySword installed on my phone; it works quite well. Of course, the price was right (free)! I don’t do any studying on my phone; but I certainly understand how one could read during “down time”.


Unless noted, all of these modules are “.bok.mybible” MySword modules. They are all .zipped. You’ll need to unzip the module to your computer, and then transfer over the unzipped module from your computer to your MySword app.


If you use eSword or theWord, the modules on this page will not work on your system. The rest of the site is for you.



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         KJV 1611 Bible MyS





       ^Keith L. Brooks - “The Summarized Bible” MyS

       ^C.J. Eilicott - “Commentary on the Whole Bible” MyS

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “Annotated Bible Commentary” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside  - Ironside Bible Commentary MyS

       ^Arthur S. Peake - “Commentary on the Bible” MyS






         Harry A. Ironside - “Things Seen and Heard in Bible Lands” MyS

         Fred Wight - “Highlights of Archaeology in Bible Lands” MyS

         Fred Wight - “Manners and Customs of Bible Lands” MyS



         William Evans - “Outline Study of the Bible” MyS

         J.G. Machen & J.O. Boyd - “A Brief Bible History” MyS

         Josiah B. Tidwell - “The Bible Book By Book” MyS



         Marcus Dods - “Isaac, Jacob & Joseph” MyS

         F.B. Meyer - “Israel A Prince with God” MyS

         Noel Smith - “Nimrod The Rebellious Panther” MyS



         Ada R. Haberson - “The Study of The Types” MyS

         Walter L. Wilson - “A Dictionary of Bible Types” MyS

NOTE: This is a dictionary kind of module.



         R.A. Torrey - “Difficulties in the Bible” MyS






         Alfred Barry - “Parables of the Old Testament” MyS

         Russell R. Byrum - “Shadows of Good Things” (Typology) MyS

         James M. Gray - “Synthetic Bible Studies of the OT” MyS

         David Hocking - “Bible & Historical Facts About Iran” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Profiles in Righteousness: David” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Profiles in Righteousness: Elijah” MyS

         W.G. Moorehead - “Outline Studies in the Books of The Old Testament” MyS

         Myer Pearlman - “Through The Bible Book by Book OT” MyS

         Fred Wight - “Devotional Studies of OT Types” MyS

         Samuel Zwemer - “Sons of Adam” MyS




         Expositor’s Bible Vol 01 Genesis by Rev. Marcus Dods MyS

         James M. Gray - “Great Epochs of Sacred History” MyS

         H.C. Leupold - “Exposition of Genesis” (2 Vols) MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “Why the Flood?” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Genesis” MyS



         Expositor's Bible Vol 02 Exodus by G.A. Chadwick MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Exodus” MyS



         Expositor's Bible Vol 03 Leviticus by S.H. Kellog MyS

         Joseph Seiss - “The Gospel in Leviticus” MyS



         Expositor's Bible Vol 04 Numbers by R.A. Watson MyS



         Expositor's Bible Vol 05 Deuteronomy by Andrew Harper MyS



         Ellsworth Archer - “The Tabernacle” MyS

         William Brown - “The Tabernacle, It’s Priests and Services” MyS

         Bruce Corbin - “The Tabernacle in the Wilderness” MyS

         Dirk Dolman - “Simple Talks on the Tabernacle” MyS

         I.M. Haldeman - “The Tabernacle, Priesthood & Offerings” MyS

         Andrew Jukes - “The Law of Offerings” MyS

         R.F. Kingscote - “Christ as Seen in the Offerings” MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “Tabernacle: God’s Portrait of Christ” MyS

         Thomas Newberry - “Types of the Levitical Offerings” MyS

         Thomas Newberry - “Types of the Tabernacle” MyS

         Henry Soltau - “Tabernacle, Priesthood, & Offerings” MyS

         Louis Talbot - “Christ in the Tabernacle” MyS



         D.L. Moody - “Weighed & Wanting” (10 Commandments)  MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Ten Commandments” MyS

         Louis T. Talbot - “The Feasts of the Lord” MyS




         John G. Bellett - “Notes on Joshua” MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 06 Joshua by William G. Blaikie MyS

         Leslie M. Grant - “Comments on Joshua” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Joshua” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Joshua” MyS


         JUDGES, RUTH

         Expositor's Bible Vol 07 Judges/Ruth by R.A. Watson MyS

         William G. Helsop - “Rubies from Ruth” MyS

         Samuel Ridout - “Lectures on... Judges” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Judges” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Ruth” MyS

         William M. Taylor - “Ruth the Gleaner” MyS



         Expositor’s Bible Vol 08 1Samuel by William Garden Blaikie MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 09 2Samuel by William Garden Blaikie MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 10 1Kings by F.W. Farrar MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 11 2Kings by F.W. Farrar MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 12 1&2Chron by W.H. Bennett MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Samuel” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Samuel” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Kings” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Kings” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Chronicles” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Chronicles” MyS



         Edward Dennett - “Ezra” MyS

         Edward Dennett - “Nehemiah” MyS

         Expositors Bible Vol 13 Ezra-Esther by W.F. Adeney MyS

         J.V. McGee - “Gospel in the Gates of Jerusalem” (Neh 3) MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Ezra” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Nehemiah” MyS

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Esther” MyS



         Christopher Knapp - “The Kings of Judah & Israel” MyS

         F.W. Krummacher - “Elijah the Tishbite” MyS

         F.W. Krummacher - “Elisha: A Prophet For Our Time” MyS

         F.B. Meyer - “Samuel the Prophet” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings from Elisha” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Life of David” (2 Vols) MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Life of Elijah” MyS



         Expositor's Bible Vol 14 Job by R.A. Watson MyS

         Expositors Bible Vol 19 Ecclesiastes by Samuel Cox MyS

         F.C. Jennings - “Old Groans & New Songs” (Ecclesiastes) MyS



         Charles Bridges - “Exposition of Psalm 119” MyS

         J.C. Brumfield - “Potter & Shepherd” (Jer 18/Ps 23) MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 15 Psalms Vol I by A. Maclaren MyS

         Expositor's Bible Vol 16 Psalms Vol II by A. Maclaren MyS

         Expositors Bible Vol 17 Psalms Vol III A. Maclaren MyS

         William Evans - “The Shepherd’s Psalm” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Prophecy in the Psalms” MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Psalm 83 Weblogs” MyS

         S. Franklin Logsdon - “The Victory Life in Psalm 119” MyS

         Alexander Maclaren - “Life of David... in His Psalms” MyS

         F.B. Meyer - “Shepherd Psalm” MyS



         Expositors Bible Vol 18 Proverbs by R.F. Horton MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “...Power of Negative Thinking” (Pro 3) MyS

         Ralph Wardlaw - “Lectures on the Book of Proverbs” 3 Vols. in ebook format MyS



         James Combs - “Is Israel... A Sign of the Lord’s Return?” (Ezek 36-37) MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Daniel’s 70 Weeks” (Dan 9:24-27) MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Daniel Weblogs” MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “Daniel: Choosing to Stand Alone” MyS



         Lamb & Lion - “Hosea & The Heart of God” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Malachi’s Message... Today” MyS

         W.B. Riley - “The Gospel in Jonah” MyS






         Harry A. Ironside - “The 400 Silent Years” MyS



         George W. McDaniel - “The Churches of the NT”  MyS



         William Arnot - “The Lesser Parables of Our Lord” MyS

         R. Bigalke - “Comparison of Olivet Discourse &... Revelation” MyS

         Marcus Dods - “The Parables of Our Lord” (2 Vols) MyS

         A. Fruchtenbaum - “Rabbinic Quotations of the OT & How It Relates to Joel 2, Acts 2” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “An Interpretation of Matthew 24-25” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Acts of the Apostles” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to Matthew” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to Mark” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Gospel According to John” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Parables & Metaphors of Our Lord” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “Parables of The Kingdom” (Mat 13) MyS



         Thomas Ice - “The Departure in 2Thessalonians 2:3” MyS

         John Henry Jowett - “The Whole Armour of God” MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Can... Rapture be Found in 2Th 2:3?” MyS

         G. Campbel Morgan - “The Analyzed Bible: ...Romans” MyS

         William Pettingill - “Simple Studies in Thessalonians Through Philemon” MyS



         Samuel J. Porter - “12 Gemmed Crown (Hebrews)” MyS



         Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “The Use of the OT in the Book of Revelation” MyS

NOTE: Includes a companion “FruchtenbaumOTRev.xrefs.twm” module (Thanks, Jon, for making this xrefs module!!). It is a cross reference module of the major OT verses quoted or alluded to in the Book of Revelation. Helpful! Unzip it to your desktop, then move it to this folder on your device: “Mysword/mydata”. Then go to Mysword’s “preferences” section to choose “Fruchtenbaum...” as your set of cross references.

         R. Gromacki - “Revelation 20: A Premillennial Analysis” MyS

         Dave Hunt - “Mystery Babylon Identified” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Book of Revelation Weblogs MyS

         John McLean - “The Chronological & Sequential Structure of the Book of Revelation” MyS

         G.Campbell Morgan - “A First Century Message to Twentieth Century Christians” (Rev 2-3) MyS

         William Pettingill - “The Unveiling of Jesus Christ: Simple Studies in The Revelation” MyS

         Andy Wood - “...Identity of Babylon in Rev. 17-18?” MyS






         Louis Berkhof - “Summary of Christian Doctrine” (Reformed) MyS

         Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Major Bible Themes” MyS

         J.L. Dagg - “Treatise on Church Order” MyS

         William Evans - “Great Doctrines of The Bible” MyS

         Jeremiah Jeter - “Baptist Principles Reset” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - “Doctrinal Weblogs” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Religious Issues Weblogs MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “The Evil of Replacement Theology” MyS

         George P. Pardington - “Outline Studies in Christian Doctrine” MyS

         J.M. Pendleton - “Distinctive Baptist Principles” MyS

         Eric Sauer - “Dawn of World Redemption” MyS

         R.A. Torrey - “The Fundamentals” (4 Vols Complete) MyS

         R.A. Torrey - “What The Bible Teaches” MyS



         F.F. Bruce - “Are The NT Documents Reliable?” MyS

         Mildred Duff & Noel Hope - “The Bible In Its Making” MyS

         Gavin Hamilton - “The Bible A Miracle Book” MyS

         Louis Gaussen - “The Divine Inspiration of the Bible” MyS

         James M. Gray - “The Bulwarks of The Faith” MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “God’s Revelation to Man” (bibliology) MyS

         Philip Mauro - “Life in the Word” MyS

         Fred J. Meldau - “57 Reasons Why We Know the Bible is the Word of God” MyS

         J.C. Philpot - “Precepts of The Word” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Divine Inspiration of the Bible” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Doctrine of Revelation” MyS

         William Schoeler - “What Think Ye of the Bible?” MyS

         William G. Scroggie - “Is The Bible the Word of God?” MyS

         W.E. Vine - “The Divine Inspiration of the Bible” MyS

       ^Robert D. Wilson - “Is The Higher Criticism Scholarly?” MyS

         John Zoller - “The Wonder of The Word” MyS



         F.B. Meyer - “The Secret of Guidance” MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “How Can God Exist in Three Persons?” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “God’s Perfect Will” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in the Godhead” MyS



       ^G. Campbell Morgan - “The Life of the Christian” MyS



         Edward Dennett - “Christ the Morningstar and Sun of Righteousness” MyS

         F.W. Krummacher - “The Suffering Savior” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - First Coming Weblogs MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “The Crises of The Christ” MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “The Great Physician” MyS

         J.C. Philpot - “The Eternal Sonship of Jesus Christ” MyS

         Elmer Towns - “The Names of Jesus” MyS



         Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Salvation” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Eternal Security of the Believer” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Except Ye Repent” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Full Assurance” MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross” MyS



         Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Satan” MyS



         F.J.A. Hort - “The Christian Ecclesia” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Baptism: What Saith the Scripture?” MyS



       ^Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Seven Biblical Signs of the Times” MyS

         Dave Hunt - “End Time Apostasy of The Church” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Ezekiel 38 and 39 (Gog & Magog)” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?” (Preterism) MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Is America in Bible Prophecy?” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Time of Your Visitation” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Christian Living Weblogs MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - General Prophecy Weblogs MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Issues Weblogs MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Implosion of America” by Pastor Robert Jeffress MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Sign of Apostasy” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Sign of The European Union” MyS

         J. Dwight Pentecost - “The Relationship of The Church to the Kingdom of God” MyS

         John R. Rice - “The Coming Kingdom of Christ” MyS

         Joel Rosenberg - “Notes On The Future Of Damascus According To Bible Prophecy” MyS

         Michael Vlach - “Variations Within Supercessionism” MyS

         Matt Ward - “Is Russia Preparing for War?” MyS



         Paul Feinberg - “Dispensationalism & the Rapture.... ” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Imminence and The Rapture” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Israel’s Fall Feasts and Date-Setting of the Rapture” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Last Trumpet” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Why I Believe... Rapture Before Tribulation” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Not Wrath but the Rapture” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - Rapture Weblogs MyS

         Mike Stallard - “...Cosmic Sign Passages & Pre-Wrath Rapture Theory of the Church” MyS

         Gerald Stanton - “The Doctrine of Imminency” MyS

         Joy Wriston - “The Jewish Wedding Ceremony” MyS



         Thomas Ice - “Myths of the Origin of Pretribulationism” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Theological Foundations of Pretribulationism” MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - Tribulation Weblogs MyS



         Lewis S. Chafer - “...Kingdom in History & Prophecy” MyS

         Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “Premillennialism in the OT” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Unscriptural Theologies Of Amillennialism And Postmillennialism” MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Millennium Weblogs MyS



         George Beckwith - “God’s Prophetic Plan Through the Ages” MyS

         R. Bigalke - “Problems With Progressive Dispensationalism” MyS

         Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Dispensationalism” MyS

         H. Wayne House - “Danger of Progressive Dispensationalism to Pre-Millennial Theology” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Covenants and Dispensations” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Dispensational Hermeneutics” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Calvinistic Heritage of Dispensationalism” MyS

         Thomas Ice - “What Is Progressive Dispensationalism?” MyS

         Harry Ironside - “The Mysteries of God” MyS

         H.A. Ironside - “Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth” MyS

         John Master - “Overview of the Development of Progressive Dispensationalism” MyS

         Mike Stallard - “Literal Hermeneutics, Theological Method, & the Essence of Dispensationalism” - MyS



         Thomas Ice - “Lovers of Zion: A History of Christian Zionism” MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Anti-Semitism” MyS

         Lamb and Lion - Jewish Life Weblogs MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Regathering of the Jewish People” MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Revival of the Hebrew Language” MyS

         David Larsen - “The Establishment of the Modern State Of Israel” MyS



         Lamb & Lion - “Israel as Proof of God’s Existence” MyS

         W.B. Riley - “My Bible (An Apologetic)” MyS



         Thomas Ice - “The Latter Rain Movement” from RaptureReady MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Islam Weblogs MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Fall of Islam” MyS

         Patrick Wyett (Rapture Ready) - “A Primer on Islam” MyS

NOTE: Mr. Wyett is very accurate, and very graphic, as to the true nature of Islam. Those looking for a “politically correct” summation of Islam should probably bypass this module. If you’re looking for something succinct and accurate, though, this is it.






         Earl Radmacher - “The Nature & Result of Literal Interpretation” MyS



         Gardiner Spring - “Distinguishing Traits... Christian Character” MyS



       ^R.A. Torrey - “Pocket Guide for Christian Workers” MyS



         E.M. Bounds - All 8 Volume Collection on Prayer MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “The Practice of Prayer” MyS






         Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Sermons” MyS

         R.G. Lee - “Payday Someday” (famous sermon) MyS

         George Müller - “Jehovah Magnified & Other Addresses” MyS






         H.A. Ironside - “Illustrations of Bible Truth” MyS

         R.A. Torrey - “Anecdotes & Illustrations” MyS





       ^Jacob Abbott - “Darius the Great” MyS

         Harry A. Ironside - “Historical Sketch of the Brethren...” MyS





         Thomas McCall - “Essays by Dr. Thomas McCall of Zola Levitt Ministries” MyS





         ^“Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” Inline MyS


NOTE: This file is “TSK Xrefs.xrefs.twm”. Unzip it to your desktop, then move it to this folder on your device: “Mysword/mydata”. Then go to Mysword’s “preferences” section to choose “TSK...” as your set of cross references.


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