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This site is dedicated to bringing you the best of conservative, evangelical, bible-believing Bible study helps in existence for both e-Sword version 10x and The Word version 4x.  That’s a lofty goal, I know; but still, that’s what this site is all about.


Here’s the plan:


1.      To create resources that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the web. I regularly surf the internet looking for the best public domain (and copyrighted, but distributable with permission) resources available for conversion to Bible study modules. Once created, they are made available here for free downloading.


2.      To discover resources that can be found somewhere else on the web. Hundreds of solid resources are already available and posted for free access. I won’t re-host and re-post them (why eat up all that server space?), but I will provide links to them. That way, DDT can become a “one-stop shopping place” for all of your trustworthy Bible study needs.


3.      To enlist, encourage & equip resource builders to keep building more modules. I know that there are many Bible software users who would help out in the module creation process -- if they knew how to start. We want to provide all of the help necessary for those folks to take their first steps.


This site will never be the biggest repository of modules on the web. That’s not my purpose. But with Christ’s help, this site will strive to be the best fundamental free module site on the web. As you regularly return to, you should see more and more content being added. Welcome - and I hope you enjoy the experience.


If you are new to this website, you should stop by here and read about how this website works.


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