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   ^**Gerard Chrispin - “The Bible Panorama” TW


To see how “The Bible Panorama” works with TheWord Bible software, see my TW review here. For a comprehensive review of the content in any format, click here.


This is a double download module. One is a .cmt module, which works just like you would expect, summarizing the entire Bible. It gives a panorama of each book of the Bible, and then it gives a panorama of every chapter in the Bible. The second module is a book (.gbk) focusing on the doctrine of Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Bible. It’s intent is to give a panorama of Bibliology. Both modules are excellent.


       ^InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary: Old Testament TW

       ^InterVarsity Press Bible Background Commentary: New Testament TW


These are formatted nicely to work with TheWord. The comments are targeted toward those looking for more of an academic explanation of the text. It is cultural and archaeological in nature; it is not expositional nor doctrinal. See how the OT volume works with TW here. And see how the NT volume works with TW here.


I’ve written a comprehensive review of the NT Volume. You can read that here.


         William Bonnell -Bonnell's Combined Word BookeS TW


NOTE: this is a tandem module. One is a commentary and the other is a dictionary. Both must be installed to the "C:\Program Files\e-Sword" folder (or the TW equivalent) in order to be used. For more information on this module, please click here.


   ^**Keith L. Brooks - “The Summarized Bible” TW MyS


A very nice overview of every chapter of the Bible. NOTE: This module is also available for eSword as an official module (available from the eSword downloading menu).


       ^Don Fleming (Missionary) - “Bridgeway Bible Commentary” eS TW


This commentary is written by a missionary and is designed for new Christians. It briefly describes each paragraph, chapter, or pericope of Scripture.


       ^1611 KJV Margin Notes (commentary format) eS TW


       ^G. Campbell Morgan - “Exposition on the Whole Bible” eS TW


Brief comments on every chapter of the Bible (by one of my favorite authors!). It is laid out in a chapter by chapter format.


       ^Arthur S. Peake - “Commentary on the Bible” (1 Vol) eS TW MyS


   ^**C.I. Scofield’s Study Bible Notes in .cmtx Module format eS TW


These are the classic Scofield Notes. By the way: if you love your Scofield Notes, you’ve got to have the companion Scofield reference dictionary built by my friend “Dyan.” (NOTE: The off-site link for the eSword file contains the companion dictionary. TW users should download the Scofield Dictionary separately.)


Companion Scofield Reference Dictionary for TheWord - TW


     **Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Enhanced eS TW


If you like the base module (TSK) already included in the eS/TW installation, you’ll love this enhancement! Thousands of cross references have been added, making this module “indispensabler” to Bible study! For more information on this module, click here.


TW Users! Instead of having TSK as a commentary, how about having all of those cross references inline (right under the Bible verse - just like a printed study Bible!)?! Find out more about TSK/e inline here! Or, just download the TSKe .xrefs file here:


Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Inline Cross References - TW


New Testament


       ^Justin Edwards - “Family Bible New Testament Notes” Commentary eS TW


Brief comments and analysis.


   ^**Daniel Wallace - “New Testament Introductions & Outlines” eS TW


NOTE: Excellent introductory material on the NT books. The material is found at the “Book” level, and not at the “verse” level.







We consider all of the modules listed at DDT to be “the cream of the crop.” You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith. Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience. Membership may be required to download these modules, but membership will be free and well worth having a free account. No credit card required, by the way.


Modules listed in green are “premium” or “pay” modules. They are listed here because 1) I think they are of considerable value; and 2) your purchase of them through DDT gives us a small commission to offset site expenses. If you’d like to help us with a small gift, buy these premium modules through us, and it won’t cost you any extra.


NOTE THIS: we have a ton of great commentary modules that are not in the .cmt/.cmtx format. You’ll have to access them through the TheWord’s “.gbk” book views or through the eSword “Reference Library” viewer. The content of these single volume works is excellent. Browse the titles and authors and see what I mean about the excellence of these works.


Excellent Reference resources in .topx/.gbk format

Single/Multi Volume OT Commentaries in .topx/.gbk format

Single/Multi Volume NT Commentaries in .topx/.gbk format

The Best of Doctrinal Materials in .topx/.gbk format


e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, these “eS” modules must be installed to the “C:\Program Files(...)\e-Sword folder” (or it’s equivalent).


The WORD - Unless otherwise mentioned, “TW” downloads are in .twm format and should be extracted to “c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books” folder.


Modules that are on this page, except as noted, are in the commentary format (eSword’s format is *.cmtx; and TheWord’s format is *.cmt.twm). That means that verses, passages, or chapters of the Bible are linked to the commentary text. If you click on Rom 3:23 in the Bible window, then the commentary window will also move to Rom 3:23 (if a comment exists).


Besides these commentaries, there are also excellent “Introductions” and “Survey” of the entire Bible available. Check them out here in the “Bible Reference” modules page.


With a 21” widescreen monitor, you can have both your Bible software and your word processor open and viewable at 100%. Nice!

One Volume Commentaries