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e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, “eS” downloads are in .topx format and should be extracted to your “...Program Files(...)/e-Sword” folder. eSword module downloads marked like this -eS10” - are .refx modules and they require eSword 10+ to use.


The WORD - Unless otherwise mentioned, “TW” downloads are in .gbk.twm/.twm format and should be extracted to “c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books” folder.


All of the modules listed here at we consider to be “the cream of the crop” when it comes to eSword modules. You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith.


Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience.


For other sites dedicated to the distribution of free Bible study modules, go to the “Favorite Links” page.

Reference & Both Testaments

Bible Characters

       ^Mary E. Baxter - “Women in the Word” eS TW

   ^**James Hastings - “Greater Men and Women of the Bible” 6 Vols eS TW

       ^D.L. Moody - “Men of the Bible” TW

   ^**Alexander Whyte - “Bible Characters from the Old and New Testaments” 6 Vols eS TW


Biblical Languages (see also OT Exposition [Hebrew] & NT Exposition [Greek])

     **Dr. Frank Jabini - “Introduction to Biblical Languages” eS TW


General Bible Reference


       ^Barbara Bowen - “Strange Scriptures That Perplex The West” eS TW

       ^Don Fleming - “Bible Lands, Then and Now” eS TW

       ^James M. Freeman - “Manners & Customs of the Bible” eS TW

         Harry A. Ironside - “Things Seen and Heard in Bible Lands” eS TW MyS

       ^John Kitto - “Palestine - The Illustrated Bible History of the Holy Land” eS TW

       ^George Mackie - “Bible Manners & Customs” (no link available)

       ^Samuel Schor - “Palestine and the Bible” (no link available)

       ^Emil Schurer - “The Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ” eS TW

       ^John Smith - “History of Bible Plants” eS TW

NOTE: The author’s name is incorrectly listed as “F. Smith.” You should modify his name to “John Smith” or “Smith, John.” It will make eSword module maintenance and use easier.

       ^William M. Thomson - “The Land and The Book” eS TW

     **Fred Wight - “Highlights of Archaeology in Bible Lands” eS TW MyS

     **Fred Wight - “Manners and Customs of Bible Lands” eS TW MyS


         TYPOLOGY (See also specific sections, like “Tabernacle, Temple & Offerings”, etc.)

       ^Patrick Fairbairn - “The Typology of Scripture” (2 Vols) eS10 TW

         Ada R. Habershon - “The Study of The Types” eS TW MyS

         Fred Wight - “Devotional Studies of Old Testament Types” eS TW MyS

     **Walter Lewis Wilson - “Wilson’s Dictionary of Bible Types” eS TW MyS

NOTE: This is a .dctx/.dct.twm module type. If you do any studying in Bible typology, this module will be a real help!



       ^Christian Herald - “555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered” TW

       ^William Pettingill - “(900) Bible Questions Answered” eS10 TW

       ^R.A. Torrey - “Practical and Perplexing Questions Answered” eS10 TW

       ^Dr. Max Young - “I’m So Glad You Asked - 300 Bible Questions Answered” eS



   ^**Anonymous - “Bible Statistics” eS TW

       ^Anonymous - “Dates & Chronology of Scripture” eS TW

   ^**E.W. Bullinger - “Figures of Speech Used in the Bible” eS TW

NOTE: The third section of the eSword module is a little rough, but still very usable.

ALSO: The TW download includes both a .gbk and a .dct version of the same title. The dictionary version will make quick reference very easy.

   ^**Samuel Clarke - “A Collection of Sweet Assuring Promises of Scripture” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “Bible Treasury Magazine” (33 Vols) eS TW

This is a massive file, in excess of 30 mb. Will be extremely useful in the TW edition once TW indexes all scriptures for commentary linking. Until then - it is a wealth of faith building reading.

     **William Patton - “Bible Wines or The Laws of Fermentation” eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “The Bible: The True University” TW

       ^R.A. Torrey - “Difficulties in the Bible” eS TW MyS


Both Testaments


   ^**Elijah P. Barrows - “Companion to the Bible” eS TW

One of the BEST Biblical Introductions available. Comprehensive.

       ^Kenneth Dorse - “Bible Outline Compendium” (Outline of the Whole Bible) TW

       ^William Evans - “Outline Study of the Bible” eS TW MyS

       ^Don Fortner - “Discovering Christ in All the Scriptures” (Survey of every biblical book) eS10 TW

       ^F.W. Grant - “The Numerical Bible” eS TW

       ^L.M. Grant - “The Bible - It’s Sixty Six Books in Brief” eS TW

   ^**Alice M. Hodgkin - “Christ in All the Scriptures” eS TW

   ^**Charles Foster Kent - “The Historical Bible” (7 Vols) eS TW

   ^**Charles Kent Foster - “The Messages of the Bible” (11 Vols) eS TW

         J. Gresham Machen & James Oscar Boyd - “A Brief Bible History” eS TW MyS

     **J. Vernon McGee - “Thru The Bibles Notes & Outlines” eS TW

NOTE: This is not the copyrighted commentary; this is a public domain overview of each of the books of the Bible. The formatting is not up to OMLB standard, but I decided to release it basically “as is.”

   ^**G. Campbell Morgan - “The Analyzed Bible” eS TW

       ^Ray Stedman - “Text Commentaries” eS TW

     **Josiah B. Tidwell - “The Bible Book By Book” eS TW MyS (Featured DDT Module 10/11)



       ^Harry Ironside (put together by Herb Pugmire) - “Dr. Ironside’s Bible” TW

       ^John Kitto - “Illustrated History of the Bible” (Huge!) eS TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Our Daily Homily” (5 Vols) eS TW

NOTE: This is the .topx/.gbk format. It is a daily devotional reading from consecutive chapters in the Bible. Reading one entry per day, you’ll read through these volumes in about 39 months. Excellent devotional material!