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April, 2014


Thomas Ice - “Covenants and Dispensations” eS TW MyS - 4/18


H. Wayne House - “Danger of Progressive Dispensationalism to Pre-Millennial Theology” eS TW MyS - 4/15

Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “The Use of the OT in the Book of Revelation” eS TW MyS - 4/13

NOTE: The TW & MyS versions include a companion “FruchtenbaumOTRev.xrefs.twm” module (Thanks, Jon, for making this xrefs module!!). It is a cross reference module of the major OT verses quoted or alluded to in the Book of Revelation. Helpful!

David Hocking - “Bible and Historical Facts About Iran” eS TW MyS - 4/12

Robert Gromacki - “Revelation 20: A Premillennial Analysis” eS TW MyS - 4/7

Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “Rabbinic Quotations of the OT & How It Relates to Joel 2 & Acts 2” eS TW MyS - 4/5

Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “Premillennialism in the Old Testament” eS TW MyS - 4/4

Paul Feinberg - “Dispensationalism & the Rapture: A Theological Analysis” eS TW MyS - 4/2

Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Psalm 83 Weblogs” eS10 TW MyS - **UPDATED 4/1

UPDATE: Additional material has been added.



March, 2014


Ron Bigalke - “Problems With Progressive Dispensationalism” eS TW MyS - 3/30

^Bob Utley - “...Study Guide Commentary Series” (OT/NT 23 Volumes) eS TW - ** UPDATED 3/27

UPDATE: While not (yet?) complete, several OT books have been added to this collection.

Ron Bigalke - “A Comparison of the Olivet Discourse and The Book of Revelation” eS TW MyS - 3/26

James Combs - “Is Israel’s Restoration Still A Sign of the Lord’s Return (Ezek 36-37)?” eS TW MyS - 3/24

Dave Hunt - “The End Time Apostasy of The Church” eS TW MyS - 3/20

^Charles J. Eilicott - “Commentary on the Whole Bible” eS TW MyS - 3/19

Dave Hunt - “Mystery Babylon Identified” eS TW MyS - 3/18

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H.C. Leupold - “Exposition of Genesis” (2 Vols) eS TW MyS - **UPDATED 3/14

UPDATE: The TW module has been given an extensive reformat that matches the outline suggested by Leupold. TW users will find the update pleasant.

ALSO: Now available for MySword.

Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Revival of the Hebrew Language” eS10 TW MyS - **UPDATED 3/12

UPDATE: I’ve added another excellent article to this weblog. You’ll enjoy reading about the revival of the Hebrew language.

ALSO: Now available for MySword.

Gardner Spring - “The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character” eS TW MyS - 3/4

Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Fall of Islam” eS10 TW MyS - 3/1



February, 2014


^Keith L. Brooks - “The Summarized Bible” TW MyS - **UPDATED 2/28

UPDATE: The extraneous headspace has been removed from each entry in the TW module. All TWers should download and replace older modules with this version 1.2.

NOTE: This module is also available for eSword as an official module (available from the eSword downloading menu).

^Tony Garland - “Testimony of Jesus Christ” eS TW - **UPDATED 2/22

UPDATE: The TW version has been beautifully recrafted, complete with “mouseoverable hyperlinks.” I highly recommend you replace your old modules with this one. Thanks, Dyan!

NOTE: this is not a .topx/.gbk module; rather, it is a “double download,” with both a commentary and dictionary working together in tandem. This combination at first may seem odd, but with all of the cross-linking throughout the module, it is an excellent way to organize the information. It is the single best commentary on Revelation I’ve ever seen.


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