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Let’s start with the BEST of the BEST (in alphabetical order, by title, if you’re wondering...).


   ^**Bauer, Walter; Danker, Frederick W., etc. “A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament....” (BDAG) TW


This is the single most important Greek lexicon in existence. If you’re going to do any serious work in the original Greek of the New Testament, this book is required reading. Available as a TW module. Read my review here.


   ^**Geoffrey Bromiley, ed. - “Theological Dictionary of the New Testament” (Abridged) TW


This is an academic standard Greek word study book, available as a TW module. Read my review here.


       ^David N. Freedman, ed. - “Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible” TW


Nearly 5,000 entries reflecting the latest of liberal scholarship and archaeological discoveries, now available as a TW module. Read my review here.


   ^**R. Laird Harris, Gleason Archer, & Bruce Waltke - “Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament” TW


This is the best work of it’s kind; and now available as a TW dictionary module. Read my review here.


   ^**George Abbot-Smith - “A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament” eS TW


NOTE: The TW edition is now from the official TW library.


   ^**“American Tract Society Bible Dictionary” eS TW


This is a nice, conservative, concise Bible dictionary. It’s an excellent companion module to ISBE.


   ^**“Bridgeway Bible Dictionary” in .dctx format eS TW


The uniqueness of this dictionary is that it is written by a missionary for Christians on the foreign field, and that don’t have many other resources. It is an excellent dictionary. This is from his preface:


This book, like most of my books, began life in the Thai language when I lived with my wife and family in Bangkok. The aim was to produce material that would be a credible aid to biblical knowledge, but in an easy-read non-technical style that any Christian could understand.


For more information on the author (Don Fleming), visit his website.


   ^**E.W. Bullinger - “Figures of Speech Used in the Bible” DICTIONARY FORMAT eS TW


NOTE: This module also exists as a .topx file here under “General Bible Reference.” However, this DICTIONARY  format will be much more usable, especially for TW users. The content of both are substantially identical.


   ^**“CARM Theological Dictionary” in .dctx format eS TW


This is a contemporary dictionary of theology - not a dictionary of Bible words. Example: the word “Jerusalem” is not an entry, but the word “karma” is. CARM stands for “Chrsitian Apologetics and Research Ministry,” and you can see their website here.


According to their website, here is the bibliography for this resource (quite helpful if you want to know their theological perspective!):



This dictionary is conservative, contemporary, and reformed.


   ^**Combo Dictionary: BDB/Thayer/Strong/King James Concordance/TenseVoiceMood eS TW


NOTE: This is a very nice resource that has been combined together.


   ^**Wilhelm Gesenius - “Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon...” not currently available


NOTE: This is a Hebrew intensive dictionary - no Strong’s numbering system included. If you are not comfortable with Hebrew, the eS version of this module will be functionally useless. The TW version, though, works quite nicely with theWord, and is highly recommended.


   ^**Robert Girdlestone - “Synonyms of the Old Testament” eS TW


Does for the OT synonyms what Trench does for the New. Very nice module. Also available as an .topx/.twm.gbk module here (see “Entire Old Testament” near the top of the page); but I think most users will get more usage out of this dictionary format.


   ^**James Hastings - “Dictionary of the Bible (1909)” eS TW


   ^**James Hastings - “Dictionary of Christ and The Gospels” (2 Vols) eS TW


   ^**An Intermediate Greek English Lexicon by Henry George Liddell & Robert Scott TW


   ^**John Kitto - “Popular Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature” (6 Vols) eS TW


A very nice Bible encyclopedia module. 6 Volumes.


   ^**J. McClintock & J. Strong - “Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological & Ecclesiastical Lit.” (12 vols) eS TW


A massive work! The eSword file is split into two halves (good thing, or eSword would really balk at the size of the file); also the eSword file has the option of choosing “with” or “without” photos. (I recommend you choose the “without photos” option.) TheWord file is not split into two, and includes pictures.


     **Scofield Reference Index Dictionary  eS TW


If you have the Scofield commentary module installed, you’ll want this module. If you enjoy the Scofield commentary module, then you’ll love this Scofield dictionary module!


This handy reference dictionary makes finding Scofield’s notes on topics quite easy. HOW IT WORKS: look up a topic in the “Sco” dictionary tab, and click the provided Scripture link. When the Bible goes to that reference, the Scofield.cmtx module will go to that verse, showing all of Scofield’s topical treasures.


       ^“Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionary” TW


NOTE: the eSword version comes installed with Strong’s; and TW comes with an enhanced Strong’s concordance (“Mickelson’s Enhanced Strong’s”). This module is the original Strong’s Greek/Hebrew dictionary for TW.


   ^**R.C. Trench - “Synonyms of the New Testament” TW


   ^**Henry Wace - “Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature” eS TW


This dictionary covers church history until about 700 A.D. This module is foundational to a correct understanding of what is typically referred to as “The Early Church Fathers.” For those interested in that era, this is a “must have.” (NOTE: the download includes options for either a dictionary format or a .topx/.gbk format. I recommend the dictionary.)



Now for the REST of the BEST


       ^Anonymous Topical Bible Dictionary eS TW


       ^Charles Buck - “Theological Dictionary” (2 Vols) eS TW


Published in 1802. Dated. Helpful from a historical perspective, especially on sects.


       ^Hebrew Scriptures Concordance eS TW


This is a list of every Hebrew word in the Tanakh (Christian Old Testament) that has been assigned a Strong's number, along with any variants of that word built using the data from Open Scriptures.


       ^Concordance to the Greek Scriptures (TR/LXX) eS TW


This is a list of every Greek word in the LXX  (Hebrew Old Testament in Greek) & TR (Textus Receptus text of the Greek NT) that has been assigned a Strong's number, along with any variants of that word built using the data from Open Scriptures.


       ^James Hastings - “Hastings’ Dictionary of the Apostolic Church” eS TW


       ^Hawker’s Poor Man’s Concordance & Dictionary eS TW


       ^J.B. Jackson - “Dictionary of Bible Names” eS TW


Brief entries. Very.


         Jewish Reference Dictionary of People, Places, Plants & Animals eS TW


This Dictionary is for the Old Testament and does not contain New Testament People, Places, Plants, and Animals found exclusively in the New Testament.


This module is typically referred to simply as “People, Places, Plants & Animals” or “Old Testament People, Places, Plants & Animals.”


       ^Latin to English v1.97 Dictionary eS TW


While formatting is a little rough, this module will help when commentators wax eloquent latine scribo.


        “Morrish Bible Dictionary” by George Morrish eS TW


Morrish was a Plymouth Brethren associated with J.N. Darby. This dictionary reflects dispensational and pre-millennial theology.


There are other editions of this module on the net; we think this one is better. Module Builder “Dyan” wrote this: “this is one which I worked on from scratch. Have a look at it, I think you'll find the formatting a little better, all verse refs are tooltipped, entries with same headings have been combined, besides I've also added the synonyms at the end.” If you’ve already downloaded and installed another MBD, make sure you delete it first before installing this one.


       ^New Testament People and Places eS


Just as the title says, this dictionary is for people and places found in the New Testament.


       ^Edwin W. Rice - “People’s Dictionary” eS TW


A simple, brief, concise Bible Dictionary.


         Thompson Chain Reference Study Notes eS TW


This is just like the Chain References in the back of your study notes - at least the public domain section, that is.


       ^Richard Watson - “Biblical and Theological Dictionary” (5 vols) eS TW


Watson was one of the early theological leaders of Methodism. Arminian.


       ^Noah Webster - Webster’s 1913 “American Dictionary of the English Language” eS TW


NOTE: TheWord and eSword come with the 1828 edition. This is a second public domain version available. After a comparison, I found that I preferred the 1828 version; you may disagree. ALSO: the eSword version is slow loading....




e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, these “eS” modules must be installed to the C:/Program Files/e-Sword folder (or it’s equivalent).


The WORD - Unless otherwise mentioned, “TW” downloads are in .twm format and should be extracted to “c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books” folder.


We consider all of the modules listed at DDT to be “the cream of the crop.” You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith. Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience.


Modules listed in green are “premium” or “pay” modules. They are listed here because 1) I think they are of considerable value; and 2) your purchase of them through DDT gives us a small commission to offset site expenses. If you’ve like to help with a small gift, buy these premium modules through us, and it won’t cost you any extra.

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