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e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, “eS” downloads are in .topx format and should be extracted to your “...Program Files(...)/e-Sword” folder. eSword module downloads marked like this -eS10” - are .refx modules and they require eSword 10+ to use.


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All of the modules listed here at we consider to be “the cream of the crop” when it comes to eSword modules. You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith. Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word. Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience.


Modules listed in green are “premium” or “pay” modules. They are listed here because 1) I think they are of considerable value; and 2) your purchase of them through DDT gives us a small commission to offset site expenses. If you’ve like to help with a small gift, buy these premium modules through us, and it won’t cost you any extra.


For other sites dedicated to the distribution of free Bible study modules, go to the “Favorite Links” page.

General Theology

     The BEST of the BEST --

    ^**Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Systematic Theology” (original 8 volume set formatted for TW)

This is the single best theological resource yet written (not named “Holy Bible”). Go get it now! Formatted for TW. Read my review here.

     **Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Major Bible Themes” eS TW MyS

This is one of the best one volume doctrinal works available anywhere

   ^**Stanley Derickson - “Mr. D’s Notes On Theology” eS TW

This is the best free Systematic Theology I’ve found! Dispensational; Baptist.

     **William Evans - “Great Doctrines of The Bible” eS TW MyS

This is an excellent one volume theological manual. Dispensational; Baptistic.

   ^**William Evans - “What Every Christian Should Believe” eS TW

Much briefer than his “Great Doctrines...” book, but still an excellent resource.

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “The Teaching of Christ” eS TW

     **George P. Pardington - “Outline Studies of Christian Doctrine” eS TW MyS

     **Elmer Towns - “What The Faith Is All About” eS10 TW

52 Lessons on Bible Doctrine; great for an entire year’s worth of small group study! Dispensational; Baptist.

COPYRIGHT: This module is under copyright, and may not be hosted anywhere else without the author’s written permission.




       ^James P. Boyce - “Abstract of Systematic Theology” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Distinctive Baptist Principles” eS TW

       ^J.L. Dagg - “Treatise on Church Order” eS TW MyS

       ^Jeremiah Jeter - “Baptist Principles Reset” eS TW MyS

       ^J.M. Pendleton - “Distinctive Baptist Principles” eS TW MyS


         The REST of the BEST --

        ^Wilhelmus a Brakel - “The Christian’s Reasonable Service” 4 Vols (Dutch Reformed) eS TW

         George D. Beckwith - “God’s Prophetic Plan Through the Ages” eS TW MyS

         Louis Berkhof - “A Summary of Christian Doctrine” (Reformed) eS TW MyS

       ^Olin Alfred Curtis - “The Christian Faith” eS TW

       ^A.B. Davidson - “Theology of the Old Testament” eS TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - “Doctrinal Weblogs” eS10 TW MyS

       ^John Miley - “Systematic Theology” (2 Vols) (Arminian) eS10 TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Religious Issues Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

       ^Handley C. G. Moule - “Outlines in Christian Doctrine” eS TW

       ^William S. Plumer - “Theology for the People” eS

         Eric Sauer - “Dawn of World Redemption” eS TW MyS

       ^Erich Sauer - “From Eternity to Eternity” eS TW

       ^Erich Sauer - “The Triumph of the Crucified” eS TW

       ^Thomas Paul Simmons - “A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine” (Reformed) eS TW

       ^John T. Stevenson - “Doctrines of the Bible - Outlines in Systematic Theology” (Reformed) eS

       ^A.H. Strong - “Systematic Theology” (3 Vols) eS TW

         R.A. Torrey - “The Fundamentals” (4 Vols Complete) eS TW MyS

         R.A. Torrey - “What The Bible Teaches” eS TW MyS

       ^Richard Watson - “Theological Institutes” (4 Parts) (Wesleyan) eS TW




       ^Archibald Alexander - “Evidences of Authenticity... Of the Scriptures” TW

       ^William Barclay - “Making of the Bible” TW

       ^Loraine Boettner - “Inspiration” eS TW

       ^John J. Blunt - “Undesigned Scriptural Coincidences” eS TW

         F.F. Bruce - “Are The NT Documents Reliable?” eS TW MyS

       ^Robert Bryant - “Inspiration and Revelation” TW

       ^Dean John W. Burgon - “Inspiration & Interpretation” eS TW

       ^Robert Candlish - “Reason & Revelation” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Inspiration of the Scriptures” eS TW

       ^Samuel Davidson - “The Canon of the Bible” TW

         Mildred Duff & Noel Hope - “The Bible In Its Making” eS TW MyS

   ^**William Evans - “Book of Books” eS TW

   ^**Louis Gaussen - “The Divine Inspiration of the Bible” eS TW MyS

       ^John Gill - “God’s Word - The Scripture” TW

   ^**James M. Gray - “The Bulwarks of The Faith” eS TW MyS

       ^James M. Gray - “Inspiration of the Bible” eS TW

       ^James Gray - “Primers of the Faith” eS TW

         Gavin Hamilton - “The Bible A Miracle Book” eS TW MyS

       ^William Kelly - “God’s Inspiration of Scriptures” TW

       ^Charles F. Kent - “The Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament” TW

       ^Sir Frederic Kenyon - “The Story of the Bible” TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Bible Weblogs (Bibliology) eS10 TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “God’s Revelation to Man” (bibliology) eS10 TW MyS

       ^Timothy Lin - “The Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible” eS TW

       ^Philip Mauro - “Life in the Word” eS TW MyS

       ^Fred J. Meldau - “57 Reasons Why We Know the Bible is the Word of God” eS TW MyS

       ^J.C. Philpot - “The Authority and Power of the Word upon the Heart” eS TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Precepts of The Word” eS TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Divine Inspiration of the Bible” eS TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Doctrine of Revelation” eS TW MyS

       ^Earle A. Rowell - “The Bible in the Critics’ Den” TW

       ^John C. Ryle - “God’s Book, The Bible” eS TW

       ^William Schoeler - “What Think Ye of the Bible?” eS TW MyS

         William Graham Scroggie - “Is The Bible the Word of God?” eS TW MyS

       ^H.C. Thiessen - “Canon of the NT” (brief extract from his Introduction to the NT) eS TW

       ^W.H. Griffith Thomas - “How We Got Our Bible” eS TW

       ^R.A. Torrey - “Is the Bible the Inerrant Word of God?” eS TW

       ^Francis Turretin - “Twenty One Questions on the Doctrine of Scripture” TW

         W.E. Vine - “The Divine Inspiration of the Bible” eS TW MyS

       ^B.B. Warfield - “The Divine Origin of the Bible” TW

       ^B.F. Westcott - “A General Survey of the History of the NT Canon” TW

       ^Robert Dick Wilson - “Is The Higher Criticism Scholarly?” eS TW MyS

         John Zoller - “The Wonder of The Word” eS TW MyS



   ^**Dean John Burgon - “Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels” TW

       ^Windell Gann - “Scholarship of the KJV” eS TW

NOTE: Gann is Church of Christ (baptism=salvation). This module on the KJV, though, is quite good.

     **Edward F. Hills - “The King James Version Defended” eS

This is the most scholarly defense of the KJV available anywhere!

PLEASE NOTE: This module is under copyright and may not be edited at all, nor hosted anywhere else without written permission from the copyright holder.

         Edward F. Hills - “Believing Bible Study” eS

PLEASE NOTE: This module is under copyright and may not be edited at all, nor hosted anywhere else without written permission from the copyright holder.

   ^**Philip Mauro - “Which Version?” eS TW

         Cleland Boyd McAfee - “The Greatest English Classic - ... KJV... Influence on Life and Literature” eS TW

   ^**Wilbur N. Pickering - “In Defense of the Objective Authority of the Sacred Text” TW

     **Wilbur Pickering - “The Identity of the NT Text II” eS TW

PLEASE NOTE: This module is under copyright and may not be edited at all, nor hosted anywhere else without written permission from the copyright holder.

       ^Benjamin Wilkinson - “Our Authorized Bible Vindicated” TW



Theology Proper

       ^Loraine Boettner - “The Trinity” eS TW

       ^Stephen Charnock - “The Existence and Attributes of God” eS TW

         Claude D. Cole - “Definitions of Doctrine” Vol 1 eS TW

       ^John Eadie - “The Divine Love” TW

       ^Timothy Lin - “God’s Biblical Name Yahweh and What it Means” eS TW

       ^Timothy Lin - “God’s Discipline Upon His Disobedient Children” eS TW

       ^John Macculloch - “Attributes of God” (3 Vols.) TW

     **J. Vernon McGee - “How Can God Exist in Three Persons?” eS TW MyS

         F.B. Meyer - “The Secret of Guidance” eS TW MyS

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “God’s Perfect Will” eS TW MyS

       ^John Owen - “Communion With God” (Trinity) eS TW

       ^A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in the Godhead” eS TW MyS

       ^Ray Pritchard - “Our God is an Awesome God” TW




       ^Sir Robert Anderson - “The Lord From Heaven” TW

       ^Frank Bartleman - “The Deity of Christ” eS TW

       ^J.G. Bellett - “The Son of God” eS TW

         William Jennings Bryan - “The Deity Of Christ” eS TW

         Edward Dennett - “Christ the Morningstar and Sun of Righteousness” eS TW MyS

       ^Edward Dennett - “The Name Above Every Name” eS TW

         A.C. Gaebelein - “The Lord of Glory” eS TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “Work of Christ” eS TW

       ^T.R. Glover - “The Jesus of History” eS TW

       ^F.W. Grant - “The Crowned Christ” eS TW

NOTE: The eSword module is titled “The Deity of Christ”, but is actually “The Crowned Christ.”

       ^Atticus G. Haygood - “The Man From Galilee” eS TW

       ^Timothy Lin - “Did Jesus Descend Into Hell?” eS TW

       ^John R. MacDuff - “The Clefts of the Rock” (Christology) TW

       ^J. Gresham Machen - “On the Deity of Christ” TW

         C.H. Mackintosh - “Knowing The All Sufficiency Of Jesus” eS TW

       ^Alexander Maclaren - “Conquering Christ” eS TW

       ^Johan Malan - “Christology and the Bible” TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Silent Years” (Christology) eS10 TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Jesus The Great Prophet to His People” eS TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Meditations on Jesus the Enthroned King” eS TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Meditations on Jesus the Great High Priest” eS TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Meditations on Jesus the Adorable Redeemer” eS TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “Meditations on the Sacred Humanity of the Savior” eS TW

         A.T. Pierson - “In Christ Jesus” eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “The Person of Christ as Revealed in the Holy Scriptures” TW

         James Stalker - “Imago Christi or The Example of Christ” eS TW

         George Stevenson - “Offices of Christ” eS TW

       ^W.H. Griffith Thomas - “Christianity is Christ” eS TW

         R.A. Torrey - “The Deity of Christ” eS TW

     **Elmer Towns - “The Names of Jesus” eS10 TW MyS

       ^B.B. Warfield - “The Person of Christ According to the New Testament” eS TW



       ^Samuel Andrews - “Life of Our Lord Upon the Earth” eS TW

       ^Anonymous - “250 Events in the Life of Christ” (Gospel Harmony) TW

       ^William Barclay - “Jesus - The Final Week of Christ” eS TW

       ^William E. Barton - “His Last Week” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Jesus the Christ” eS TW

       ^Franz Delitzsch - “A Day In Capernaum” eS TW

       ^Frederic Farrar - “Life of Christ” (links not currently available)

       ^Don Fleming - “Following Jesus” eS TW

       ^Ronald Graham - “The Jesus of the Gospels” eS

   ^**J.P. Lange - “The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ” 4 Vols eS TW

         G. Campbell Morgan - “The Crises of The Christ” eS TW MyS

         G. Campbell Morgan - “The Great Physician” eS TW MyS

       ^William M. Ramsay - “The Education of Christ” eS TW

         James Stalker - “The Life of Christ” eS TW

   **^Alexander Whyte - “The Walk, Conversation and Character of Jesus Christ our Lord ” eS TW



     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - First Coming Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

       ^J. Gresham Machen - “The Virgin Birth of Christ” TW

       ^William Ramsay - “Was Christ Born in Bethlehem?” eS TW

       ^Braxton B. Sawyer - “The Virgin Birth of Christ” TW



         Robert Cummins - “Gethsemane” eS TW

         F.W. Krummacher - “The Suffering Savior” eS TW MyS

     **John W. Lawrence - “The Six Trials of Christ” eS TW (Featured DDT Module 5/11)

         Julius Magath - “Jesus Before the Sanhedrim” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross” TW MyS

       ^Klaas Schilder - “Christ in His Suffering; Christ on Trial; Christ Crucified” (3 Vols) eS10 TW

         James Stalker - “The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ” eS TW



         Lee Scarborough - “After The Resurrection” eS TW

       ^W.H. Griffith Thomas - “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ” eS TW

         R.A. Torrey - An Article on The Resurrection eS TW



       ^William J. Hocking - “Son of His Love” eS TW

     **J.C. Philpot - “The Eternal Sonship of Jesus Christ” eS TW MyS



   ^**David L. Cooper - “Messiah: His Historical Appearance” eS TW

       ^Alfred Edersheim - “Prophecy and History in Relation to the Messiah” eS TW

   ^**E.W. Hengstenberg - “The Christology of the Old Testament” (4 Vols) eS TW

         H.P. Liddon - “The Old Testament Messianic Hope” eS TW

       ^Eleazor Lord - “The Messiah in Moses and the Prophets” TW

     **John Fred Meldau - “Messiah in Both Testaments” eS TW (Featured DDT Module 1/11)

         Max Reich - “Messianic Hope of Israel” eS TW




   ^**Lewis Sperry Chafer - “He That Is Spiritual” eS TW

         Norman B. Harrison - “His Indwelling Presence” (Holy Spirit) eS TW

       ^Adoniram J. Gordon - “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit” TW

       ^Abraham Kuyper - “Work of the Holy Spirit” eS TW

   ^**Timothy Lin - “Fresh Power to Preach the Gospel” TW

   ^**Timothy Lin - “How the Holy Spirit Works in Believer’s Lives Today” TW

   ^**Timothy Lin - “The Fruit of the Spirit and Gifts of the Spirit” TW

     **S. Franklin Logsdon - “The Holy Spirit at Work” eS TW

       ^Robert E. Neighbour - “The Baptism of the Holy Ghost” (Acts 1-2) eS TW

       ^S.E. Pierce - “The Divine Personality of the Holy Spirit” TW

NOTE: Original module builder has author’s name reversed in the file and module. Author’s name is “Samuel Eyles Pierce.” You should make note of that during installation. It may make module maintenance difficult.

         C.I. Scofield - “Plain Papers on The Holy Spirit” eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit” eS TW

     **Elmer Towns - “The Names of the Holy Spirit” eS10 TW

NOTE: This module is under copyright, and may not be hosted anywhere else without permission from the copyright holder.

       ^Various Authors - “Articles on the Holy Spirit” eS TW




       ^G. Campbell Morgan - “The Life of the Christian” eS TW MyS

       ^Earnest C. Reisinger - “God’s Will, Man’s Will, Free Will” eS TW




         Sir Robert Anderson - “The Gospel and It’s Ministry” eS TW

       ^Dr. E. Calvin Beisner - “Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?” eS TW

NOTE: Please make sure you choose the correct format on the Beisner download page!

       ^Michael Patrick Bowen - “I Never Knew You” (soteriology) eS

       ^Robert Candlish - “On The Atonement” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “The Way of the Cross” (Law vs. Grace) eS TW

     **Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Salvation” eS TW MyS

       ^Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Grace” eS TW

       ^Judson Eber Conant - “No Salvation Without Substitution” eS TW

       ^R.L. Dabney - “Christ Our Penal Substitute” eS TW

       ^George Davis & Michael Clark - “He Makes All Things New” (links not active)

     **Danny Faulkner - “A Further Examination of the Gospel in the Stars” eS10 TW

         Danny Faulkner - “Is There A Gospel in the Stars?” eS10 TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “His Riches Our Riches” eS TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “Work of Christ Past, Present and Future” eS TW

       ^Billy Graham - “Peace With God” eS TW

       ^James Hastings - “The Great Christian Doctrines of Prayer, Faith & Peace” (3 Vols) eS TW

MODULE NOTE: This is actually a 3 module download (each of those words is an individual title).

       ^Harry Ironside - “Great Words of the Gospel” eS TW

       ^Gregory Mantle - “Beyond Humiliation: Way of the Cross” eS TW

       ^Tim Morton -More Than Forgiven” eS TW

         L.R. Shelton - “Eternal Life, A Gift of God” eS TW

       ^C.E. Stuart - “Relationship with God” eS TW

         John F. Strombeck - “So Great Salvation” eS TW

       ^Gordon Watt - “The Meaning of the Cross” eS TW

       ^Frederick Westcott - “St. Paul & Justification” eS TW



       ^Albert Barnes - “Atonement” TW

       ^Loraine Boettner - “The Atonement” TW

         James Denney - “The Atonement and the Modern Mind” eS TW

       ^F.W. Grant - “Atonement” eS TW

       ^G.H. Lang - “The Atoning Blood” eS TW

       ^J. Gresham Machen - “Doctrine of The Atonement” (link not currently available)

       ^F.E. Marsh - “The Greatest Theme in the World” (Atonement) TW



     **Harry A. Ironside - “Eternal Security of the Believer” eS TW MyS (Featured DDT Module 11/11)

         Harry A. Ironside - “Full Assurance” eS TW MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “How You Can Have the Assurance of Salvation” eS10 TW



     **Harry A. Ironside - “Except Ye Repent” eS TW MyS

       ^Thomas Watson - “The Doctrine of Repentance” TW

       ^Robert N. Wilkin - “Repentance & Salvation” eS TW



       ^H.C.G. Moule - “Thoughts on the Spiritual Life” eS TW

       ^Erich Sauer - “In the Arena of Faith” eS TW

         C.I. Scofield - “New Life in Christ” eS TW

       ^Stephen Tyng - “Christian Titles” (download not currently available)



       ^Thomas D. Calkins - “The Spurious TULIP” eS TW

       ^“Early Christians & Calvinism” TW

         Francis Hodgson - “Calvinistic Doctrine of Predestination... Refuted” eS TW

       ^Chuck Smith - “Calvinism, Arminianism, and The Word of God” TW

         Robert Wallace - “The Doctrines of Predestination” eS TW

       ^Max Younce - “Not Chosen To Salvation” eS TW




       ^E.M. Bounds - “Satan - His Personality Power and Overthrow” eS TW

     **Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Satan” eS TW MyS

       ^Johan Malan - “Demonology & Spiritual Warfare” TW

       ^Johan Malan - “The Kingdom of Satan” TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Satan: Who is He?” eS10 TW

       ^Johnny Tatum - “The Doctrine of Angels” TW

       ^Various Authors - “Demon Experiences In Many Lands” TW




       ^R.J. Anderson - “Vital Church Truths” TW

       ^Jarrette E. Aycock - “Tithing - Your Questions Answered” eS TW

       ^R.K. Campbell - “The Church of the Living God” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Ecclesia” eS TW

       ^B.H. Carroll - “Christ and His Church” eS TW

       ^J.L. Dagg - “Treatise on Church Order” eS TW

       ^D.R. Dungan - “Sabbath or Lord’s Day? Which?” eS TW

       ^James W. Garrett - “Dealing With Sin in the Lives of Christians” eS TW

       ^James W. Garrett - “How NT Churches Relate to One Another” TW

       ^J.H. Grime - “Blood Before Water and Christ before the Church” eS TW

NOTE: This module is about the distinctions between Baptists and Church of Christ.

   **^Edward T. Hiscox - “New Directory for Baptist Churches” (previously “Baptist Church Index”) eS TW

       ^Fenton John Anthony Hort - “The Christian Ecclesia” eS TW MyS

       ^Harry A. Ironside - “The Mass Versus The Lord’s Supper” TW

         William Kelly - “Church of God” eS TW

       ^William MacDonald - “Christ Loved The Church” eS TW

       ^J.B. Moody - “My Church” TW

       ^J.C. Philpot - “The Ministry of the Gospel” eS TW

       ^Thomas Shepard - “The Change of the Sabbath” eS TW

       ^Chester E. Tulga - “The Doctrine of the Church in These Times” TW



       ^John Gill - “Baptism” eS TW

       ^R.B.C. Howell - “The Evils of Infant Baptism” eS TW

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Baptism: What Saith the Scripture?” eS TW MyS

       ^Reese Irving - “Why We Insist on Baptism by Immersion” eS TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Seven Reasons for Believer’s Baptism” TW

   ^**Max Younce - “A Biblical Examination of Baptism” eS TW






   ^**Mark Cambron - “Come, Lord Jesus” TW

NOTE: This is an official TW module, and cannot be hosted on any site without permission. It is an excellent overview of premillennial eschatology.

       ^Henry W. Fry - “God’s Plan in the Bible” TW

         A.C. Gaebelein - “The Harmony of The Prophetic Word” eS TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “Studies in Prophecy” eS TW

       ^James M. Gray - “A Textbook on Prophecy” TW

       ^H.A. Kennedy - “St. Paul’s Conception of the Last Things” eS TW

   ^**George N.H. Peters - “The Theocratic Kingdom” eS TW

NOTE: This is a classic 3 Volume set lauded by folks like Lewis Sperry Chafer & J. Dwight Pentecost.

   ^**Max Younce - “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow” eS TW

NOTE: This is an excellent contemporary treatment of the entire doctrine of eschatology. Highly recommended.



       ^J.G. Bellett - “Answers to Objections to the the Rapture” TW

       ^William E. Blackstone - “Jesus is Coming” eS TW

         Paul Feinberg - “Dispensationalism & the Rapture: A Theological Analysis” eS TW MyS

         A.C. Gaebelein - “Twenty Prominent Facts... on the Return of the Lord” eS TW

       ^James Gray - “Prophecy and the Lord’s Return” eS TW

       ^I.M. Haldeman - “Why I Preach the Second Coming” eS TW

         Thomas Ice - “Imminence and The Rapture” eS TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “Israel’s Fall Feasts and Date-Setting of the Rapture” from Rapture Ready e10 TW MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Last Trumpet” eS TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “Why I Believe the Bible Teaches Rapture Before Tribulation” eS TW MyS

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Not Wrath but the Rapture”  eS TW MyS

       ^William Kelly - “The Second Advent of Christ Premillennial” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “The Second Coming & Kingdom of Jesus Christ” TW

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - Rapture Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Second Coming Weblogs eS10 TW

       ^G.H. Lange - “Firstfruits and Harvest” (A Study of Resurrection & Rapture) TW

       ^Johan Malan - “The First Rapture Conference” TW

         Thomas McCall - “Rosh HaShana - A Type of the Rapture of the Church” eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Rapture Comes Next” eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Next Happening in the Program of God” (Imminent Rapture) eS10 TW

         Gerald Stanton - “The Doctrine of Imminency” eS TW MyS

         Mike Stallard - “Cosmic Sign Passages and the Pre Wrath Rapture Theory” eS TW MyS

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “The Return of the Lord” TW

         Joy Wriston - “The Jewish Wedding Ceremony” (Rapture Ready) eS TW MyS


         TRIBULATION PERIOD - (See also “Book of Revelation”)

       ^Andrew Bonar - “Development of the Antichrist” eS TW

       ^John Bunyan - “Of Antichrist, and His Ruin and of the Slaying of the Witnesses ” eS TW

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - Tribulation Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

         Zola Levitt - “Enter the Antichrist” eS10 TW

         A.W. Pink - “The Antichrist” eS TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “Posttribulationism Today” (Pretribulationist resource) TW



     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Millennium Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

     **Lewis Sperry Chafer - “The Kingdom in History & Prophecy” eS TW MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Millennium” eS10 TW

     **John R. Rice - “The Coming Kingdom of Christ” eS TW MyS

     **Oswald J. Smith - “When the King Comes Back” eS TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “The Doctrine of the Millennium” TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “Millennial Series” TW



       ^E.M. Bounds - “Heaven: A Place, A City, A Home” eS TW

       ^Harry Buis - “The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment” eS TW

       ^F.W. Grant - “Facts and Theories as to a Future State” eS TW

       ^H.A. Ironside - “50 Pointed Questions Regarding ‘After Death- What?’” TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Eternity Weblogs eS10 TW

       ^John W. Lawrence - “The Death of Death” eS

       ^Hy Pickering - “Heaven, Home of the Redeemed” TW

       ^Rick Rood - “Is There Really A Hell?” TW

       ^Max Younce - “A Biblical Examination of Hell” eS TW



   ^**Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Seven Biblical Signs of the Times” eS TW MyS

     **Doug Hamp - “The Fig Tree Has Budded” eS10 TW

         Dave Hunt - “The End Time Apostasy of The Church” eS TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled?” (Preterism) eS10 TW MyS

         Thomas Ice - “Is America in Bible Prophecy?” eS TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “Myths of the Origin of Pretribulationism” eS10 TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice  “The Unscriptural Theologies Of Amillennialism And Postmillennialism” eS10 TW MyS

     **Thomas Ice - “Theological Foundations of Pretribulationism” eS10 TW MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Time of Your Visitation” eS10 TW MyS

   ^**Harry A. Ironside - “The Great Parenthesis” eS

       ^Harry Ironside - “The Lamp of Prophecy or Signs of the Times” TW

       ^William Kelly - “Elements of Prophecy” eS TW

         Eugene Kimble - “Prophetic Time Frame In The Day Of The Lord Prophecies” eS TW

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Christian Living Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - General Prophecy Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Issues Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Jews in Prophecy Weblogs eS10 TW

         Lamb & Lion - “Prophetic Craziness” eS TW

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Signs Weblogs eS10 TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Implosion of America” by Pastor Robert Jeffress eS TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Sign of Apostasy” eS10 TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Sign of The European Union” eS10 TW MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - United States of America Weblogs eS10 TW

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Wars of the End Times” eS10 TW

     **Zola Levitt - “End Times Prophecy Events” eS10 TW

NOTE: This is a great article from the Levitt Letter. It is a brief outline of eschatology. Print it out and give it to all of your Sunday School teachers and small group leaders throughout your ministry.

       ^Johan Malan - “Biblical Prophecies” TW

       ^Johan Malan - “Eschatology Articles” TW

       ^Johan Malan - “Judgment” TW

       ^Philip Mauro - “The Characteristics of the Age and their Significance” eS TW

         Thomas McCall - “Gershon Salomon and the Temple Mount Faithful” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “From Gaza To Eternity” (Prophecy) eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Rose Parade of Resurrection” eS10 TW

         Lee Roberson - “Some Golden Daybreak” eS TW

     **Joel Rosenberg - “Notes On The Future Of Damascus According To Bible Prophecy” eS10 TW MyS

         Rosenberg, Joel - “The Future of America, Israel & The Middle East” eS TW

         Various Authors - “The Prophetic Word in Crisis Days” eS TW

         W.E. Vine - “Roman Empire in the Light of Prophecy” eS TW

         Michael Vlach - “Variations Within Supercessionism” eS TW MyS

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “The Nations in Prophecy” TW




       ^Matthew Allen - “Theology Adrift” (Dispensationalism) eS

   ^**J.G. Bellett - “The Profit of the Study of Dispensational Truth” TW

     **Lewis Sperry Chafer - “Dispensationalism” eS TW MyS

       ^Patrick Fairbairn - “Revelation of Law in Scripture” eS10 TW

         Arnold Fruchtenbaum - “Premillennialism in the Old Testament” eS TW MyS

         F.W. Grant - “The Lessons of The Ages” eS TW

         Thomas Ice - “Covenants and Dispensations” eS TW MyS

         Thomas Ice - “The Calvinistic Heritage of Dispensationalism” eS10 TW MyS

       ^Harry Ironside - “The Mysteries of God” eS TW MyS

     **Harry A. Ironside - “Wrongly Dividing The Word of Truth” (Hyperdispensationalism) eS TW MyS

   ^**Clarence Larkin - “Dispensational Truth” eS10 TW

         Clarence Larkin - “Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth” eS TW

         Thomas McCall - “Israel and the Church: The Differences” eS10 TW

         J. Dwight Pentecost - “The Relationship of The Church to the Kingdom of God” eS TW MyS

         C.I. Scofield - “Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth” eS TW

         Mike Stallard - “...Hermeneutics, Theological Method, & the Essence of Dispensationalism” - eS TW MyS

         Louis T. Talbot - “God’s Plan for The Ages” eS TW



         Ron Bigalke - “Problems With Progressive Dispensationalism” eS TW MyS

         H. Wayne House - “Danger of Progressive Dispensationalism to Pre-Millennial Theology” eS TW MyS

         Thomas Ice - “What Is Progressive Dispensationalism?” eS10 TW MyS

         John Master - “Overview of the Development of Progressive Dispensationalism” eS TW MyS


Israelology” (Studies on Israel & Jewish People)

         Israel Abrahams - “Chapters on Jewish Literature” eS TW

       ^Israel Abrahams - “Judaism” TW

         David Baron - “The Jewish Problem: It’s Solution” eS TW

     **Keith L. Brooks - “The Jews and The Passion for Palestine” eS TW

         Jacob Gartenhaus - “The Influence of the Jews Upon Civilization” eS TW

       ^George Peter Holford - “The Destruction of Jerusalem” eS TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Anti-Semitism” eS TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion - “Dispersion of the Jews” eS TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Jewish Life Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - Middle East Politics Weblogs eS TW

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Reclamation of the Land” eS10 TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Evil of Replacement Theology” eS10 TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Regathering of the Jewish People” eS TW MyS

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Resurgence of the Israeli Military” eS10 TW

     **Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Revival of the Hebrew Language” eS10 TW MyS

         Dr. David Larsen - “The Establishment Of The Modern State Of Israel” eS TW MyS

   ^**Johan Malan - “Israel” TW

       ^Johan Malan - “Israel & Jerusalem” TW

         Thomas McCall - “A Day at King David’s Tomb” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Attacks on Christian Zionism” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Can the Nazi Holocaust Murderers Be Forgiven?” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Code of Silence About Israel and the Jews” eS10 TW

     **Thomas McCall - “The Israeli Invitational: Israel’s Amazing Power to Invite Messiah Back” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Jerusalem The Burdensome Stone” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Palestine vs. Israel as the Name of the Holy Land” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “What is the Olive Tree? (Israel)” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Who Owns the Land?” eS10 TW

     **David Thomason - “Is the Modern Nation of Israel Prophetically Significant?” eS10 TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “Israel in Prophecy” TW



       ^Simon M. Dubnow - “Jewish History” TW

     **Thomas Ice - “Lovers of Zion: A History of Christian Zionism” eS10 TW MyS

       ^Flavius Josephus - “Antiquities of the Jews” TW

       ^Flavius Josephus - “Wars of the Jews” TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Revival of the Hebrew Language” eS10 TW MyS

     **Thomas McCall - “Israel: The Center of Divine History” eS10 TW

NOTE: This is an excellent presentation on modern Israeli history. It is a must read for anyone who desires to understand 1) Bible Prophecy and 2) Current Events.




       ^Richard Bennett - “Your Quest for God” TW

       ^Bradley Cobb - “Sermons & Worksheets on Apologetics” eS TW

NOTE: Brad is a contemporary Church of Christ preacher; these are his (7) sermon notes and (8) classroom worksheets. The outlines are detailed, and include quite a bit of good information. Conservative preachers of all types will find these outlines useful for ministry.

         Ray Comfort - “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” eS TW

       ^Josiah Cooke - “Religion and Chemistry” eS TW

         George Dehoff - “Why We Believe the Bible” eS TW

         Jacob Gartenhaus - “Winning Jews to Christ” eS TW

       ^Dave Greear - “Evidences of the Christian Faith” eS TW

     **Simon Greenleaf - “The Testimony of the Evangelists” eS TW

         Vernon C. Grounds - “The Reason for Our Hope” eS TW

       ^I.M. Haldeman - “Christ, Christianity, and the Bible” eS TW

   ^**James P. Holding - “Tektonic Apologetics” TW

This is a large 50Mb file. But the apologetics material is quite good.

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Israel as Proof of God’s Existence” eS10 TW MyS

       ^J. Gresham Machen - “Christian Faith in the Modern World” TW

     **Frank Morrison - “Who Moved The Stone?” eS TW

     **A.T. Pierson - “Many Infallible Proofs” eS TW

         W.B. Riley - “My Bible (An Apologetic)” eS TW MyS

NOTE: While his chapter on science and the Bible is disappointing, it is important to keep this era of dispensationalism in perspective. The rest of the book is very well done.

         Jimmy Williams (Probe Ministries) - “A (Not So) Brief Defense of Christianity” eS10 TW



     **Dr. Paul D. Ackerman - “It’s A Young World After All” eS TW

PLEASE NOTE: This module is under copyright and may not be edited at all, nor hosted anywhere else without Dr. Ackerman’s written permission.

         Answers in Genesis - “Answers Research Journal, Vol 1, 2008” eS10 TW

NOTE: This is a large download, so be patient. ALSO: This is not a typical third-party/DDT module. It’s heavy on the science aspect of creationism.

         Answers in Genesis - “Answers Research Journal, Vol 2, 2009” eS10 TW

NOTES: 1) This is a large download, so be patient. 2) There are some interesting theological chapters in this module, and not just detailed scientific articles. One is on Christian theodicy; another on three modern sysematic theology texts. Plus there is an intriguing article on fraud high in academic circles. Very interesting reading....

         Answers in Genesis - “Answers Research Journal Vol 3, 2010” eS10 TW

NOTE: Be patient with the download; these are 20Mb+ files.... Oh - and besides the science articles, check out the interesting article on Inherit the Wind. Good stuff!

       ^Bill Cooper - “After The Flood” TW

       ^Charles Darwin - “Origin of the Species” eS TW

NOTE: This Darwinian Bible should be understood when dealing with an Evolutionist about evolution....

       ^Probe Ministries - “Origins” TW

         William A. Williams - “The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved” eS TW



Comparative Religion



       ^Matthew Allen - “Excited Utterances” eS

     **Thomas Ice - “The Latter Rain Movement” from RaptureReady eS10 TW MyS

       ^Alexander Mackie - “The Gift of Tongues” TW

       ^Dr. Max Younce - “Face To Face With Tongues” eS TW



         Anonymous - “The Seven Deadly Questions of Islam” eS TW

       ^Anonymous - “Behind the Veil: Unmasking Islam” eS TW

       ^C.H. Becker - “Christianity and Islam” eS TW

       ^Kent Berghuis - “You Asked For It, Understanding Islam” eS TW

       ^Garry K. Brantley - “A Christian Approach to Islam” eS TW

       ^Basil “Skip” Copeland citing Various Authors - “Readings in the Critical Study of Qur'anic Origins” TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “Christianity & Islam Series” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “Facing the Muslim Challenge” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “Muhammad and the Religion of Islam” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “Sharing the Gospel with Muslims” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “The Christian Witness to the Muslim” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “Jam’Al Qur’an (The Codification of the Qur’an Text)” eS TW

       ^John Gilchrist - “The Qur’an and the Bible Series” eS TW

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Islam Weblogs eS10 TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “The Fall of Islam” eS10 TW MyS

       ^Peter Pett “Islam and The Koran” - eS

         Patrick Wyett (Rapture Ready) - “A Primer on Islam” eS TW MyS

NOTE: Mr. Wyett is very accurate, and very graphic, as to the true nature of Islam. Those looking for a “politically correct” summation of Islam should probably bypass this module. If you’re looking for something succinct and accurate, though, this is it.

     **Samuel Zwemer - “Heirs of the Prophets” (A Study on Islam) eS TW



       ^Lorraine Boettner - “Roman Catholicism” TW

       ^CARM - “Catholicism” eS

       ^Alexander Hislop - “Two Babylons” eS TW

       ^Pere Chiniquy - “50 Years in the Church of Rome” eS TW

         Pere Chiniquy - “The Priest, The Woman, and The Confessional” eS TW

       ^Mary Ann Collins - “Catholic Concerns: Where Does the Road to Rome Lead?” eS TW

         F.C.H. Dryer - “Roman Catholicism in the Light of Scripture” eS TW

       ^William C. Irvine - “Roman Catholicism” TW

       ^Rick Jones - “Understanding Catholicism” eS

       ^Joe Mizzi - “Test All Things: An Invitation to Examine Your Catholic Faith...” eS TW

       ^Ian Paisley - “Errors of Romanism” eS

       ^Ian Paisley - “A Concise Guide to Bible Christianity and Romanism” eS

NOTE: the formatting of this module is poor (not even tooltipped); but the content is very good.

         J. Dwight Pentecost - “Romanism in the Light of Scripture” eS TW

       ^T.T. Shields - “The Papacy in the Light of Scripture” TW

       ^Thomas Watson - “Roman Catholicism” eS TW

       ^James A. Wylie - “The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects” TW



       ^Alexander Campbell - “Delusions - Delusions: An Examination of the Book of Mormon” eS TW

       ^D.M. Canright - “Life of Ellen G. White - Her Claims Refuted” eS TW

       ^D.M. Canright - “Seventh-Day Adventism Renounced” eS TW

       ^Ted Dencher - “The Watchtower Heresy Versus the Bible” eS TW

       ^Jeremiah Jeter - “Campbellism Examined” eS TW

     **Lamb and Lion Ministries - Cults Weblogs eS10 TW

       ^Johan Malan - “Spiritual Decline & False Teachings” TW

       ^Dr. Max Younce - “Martin Luther Master of Deceit” eS TW