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e-Sword - Unless otherwise mentioned, “eS” downloads are in .topx format and should be extracted to your “...Program Files(...)/e-Sword” folder. eSword module downloads marked like this -eS10” - are .refx modules and they require eSword 10+ to use.


The WORD - Unless otherwise mentioned, “TW” downloads are in .gbk.twm/.twm format and should be extracted to “c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books” folder.


MySword - Unless otherwise mentioned, “MyS” downloads are in .bok.mybible format. They should be unzipped to your desktop, and then moved to your device.


All of the modules listed here at we consider to be “the cream of the crop” when it comes to eSword modules. You’ll find these Bible study modules will rightly exposit God’s Word and build your faith.


Modules marked with ** are outstanding, and should be used by all students of God’s Word.


Modules marked with ^ are offsite links to files not made by our “Merry Little Band” of module builders. The editing, formatting, and general Quality Control may not be the best, but the content of the modules themselves will be rather excellent. We’re quite pleased to be able to link to these files for your convenience.


For other sites dedicated to the distribution of free Bible study modules, go to the “Favorite Links” page.

OT Hebrew Works (See Also Biblical Languages)

       ^A.B. Davidson - “Introductory Hebrew Grammar - Hebrew Syntax” eS TW


Entire Old Testament

     **Answers in Genesis - “Unwrapping the Pharaohs” excerpts eS10 TW

NOTE: This title is under copyright; but I’ve excerpted 5 charts from the Twenty-ninth chapter that will be of great benefit for Bible study. The excerpts are Biblically accurate date charts/tables for the events of ancient Egypt - particularly as they intersect the Bible. I think this module will be invaluable for studies in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses & Joshua, not to mention the kings of the divided kingdom (EXAMPLE: Did you know King Tut intersects Bible history?)

       ^Alfred Barry - “Parables of the Old Testament” (links not currently available)

       ^Frederick Carl Eiselen - “The Christian View of the Old Testament” TW

       ^Robert B. Girdlestone - “Synonyms of the Old Testament” eS TW

Also available as a helpful dictionary module on this page.

       ^E.W. Hengstenberg - “History of the Kingdom of God Under the

Old Testament” (2 Vols) eS10 TW

       ^John Kitto - “The Court of Persia & The People of Persia” (2 Vols) eS TW

       ^John MacDougal - “Old Testament Parables” (links not currently available)

       ^Henry Mahan - “With New Testament Eyes - Pictures of Christ in the Old

Testament” eS10 TW

       ^John Urquhart - “Archaeology’s Solution to Old Testament Puzzles” TW



       ^J.G. Bellett - “The Patriarchs” eS TW

         Samuel Zwemer - “Sons of Adam” eS TW MyS



Introduction & Survey

     **James M. Gray - “Synthetic Bible Studies of the Old Testament” eS TW MyS

       ^John E. McFadyen - “Introduction to the Old Testament” TW

         W.G. Moorehead - “Outline Studies in the Books of the OT” eS TW MyS

     **Myer Pearlman - “Through The Bible Book by Book OT” eS TW MyS

       ^Walter Scott - “Bible Handbook OT” eS TW

     **Elmer Towns - “A Journey Through the Old Testament” eS10 TW

This is an interesting work. 52 chapters on OT characters. It’s almost like a commentary on the Old Testament, except it focuses on the narrative aspect. Would be great for a year’s worth of Sunday School (or mid-week service) lessons.

COPYRIGHT: This module is under copyright, and may not be hosted anywhere else without the author’s written permission.





   ^**William Evans - “Books of the Pentateuch” eS TW

       ^E.W. Hengstenberg - “Egypt and the Books of Moses” eS10 TW

       ^William MacDonald - “Old Testament Digest” (Gen-Deu) eS TW

     **C.H. Mackintosh - “Notes on the Pentateuch” (.topx/.gbk.twm) eS TW

NOTE: Also available as .cmtx/.cmt.twm files: eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “The Pentateuch” eS TW



       ^F.W. Grant - “Genesis in the Light of the New Testament” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “Abram The Friend of God” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “Isaac” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “Jacob” eS TW

       ^William Kelly - “Joseph” eS TW

         Henry Law - “The Gospel According to Genesis” eS TW

     **H.C. Leupold - “Exposition of Genesis” (2 Vols) eS TW MyS

         J. Vernon McGee - “Why the Flood?” eS10 TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Genesis” eS TW MyS

       ^Hamilton Smith - “Joseph” eS

NOTE: TW’s official module “The Writings of Hamilton Smith” includes this work.



       ^Edward Dennett - “Exodus” (2 Vols) TW

       ^F.W. Grant - “Some Lessons from the Book of Exodus” eS TW

         Henry Law - “The Gospel According to Exodus” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Exodus” eS TW MyS



       ^George Davison - “Lectures on The Offerings” (Leviticus 1-7) eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “The Levitical Offerings” (Lev Ch 1-7) eS TW

         Henry Law - “The Gospel According to Leviticus” eS TW

       ^Joseph Seiss - “The Gospel in Leviticus” eS TW MyS



         Henry Law - “The Gospel According to Numbers” eS TW

       ^Hudson Taylor - “Separation & Service” (Numbers Chs. 6-7) eS TW



         Henry Law - “The Gospel According to Deuteronomy” eS TW



       ^G. Andre - “Moses the Man of God” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Balaam - His Words and Ways” eS TW

       ^Clarence E. Lunden - “Abraham & the Life of Faith” eS TW

         F.B. Meyer - “Israel A Prince with God” eS TW MyS

         Noel Smith - “Nimrod The Rebellious Panther” eS TW MyS



         James M. Gray - “Great Epochs of Sacred History” eS TW MyS

       ^John MacDuff - “Cities of Refuge” TW



         Ellsworth Archer - “The Tabernacle” eS TW

       ^William Brown - “The Tabernacle, It’s Priests and Services” eS TW

         Russell R. Byrum - “Shadows of Good Things” eS TW MyS

       ^H.F.G. Cole - “Tabernacle Treasures” eS TW

         Bruce Corbin - “The Tabernacle in the Wilderness” eS TW

         Dirk Dolman - “Simple Talks on the Tabernacle” eS TW

       ^I.M. Haldeman - “The Tabernacle, Priesthood & Offerings” eS TW

         Andrew Jukes - “The Law of Offerings” eS TW MyS

         R.F. Kingscote - “Christ as Seen in the Offerings” eS TW

         Thomas McCall - “Has Joseph’s Tomb Been Found in Egypt?” eS10 TW

         Thomas McCall - “Where is the Ark of the Covenant?” eS10 TW

     **J. Vernon McGee - “The Tabernacle: God’s Portrait of Christ” eS10 TW

   ^**Thomas Newberry - “Solomon’s Temple & Its Teachings” eS TW

   ^**Thomas Newberry - “Types of the Tabernacle” eS TW

NOTE: For more Newberry titles, see the “Famous Authors Complete Works” page

       ^Thomas Newberry - “Types of the Levitical Offerings” eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “Lectures on the Tabernacle” eS TW

     **Henry Soltau - “The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, & The Offerings” eS TW

     **Louis Talbot - “Christ in the Tabernacle” eS TW

         Louis T. Talbot - “The Feasts of the Lord” eS TW MyS



       ^William De Jong - “The Ten Commandments” eS

         D.L. Moody - “Weighed and Found Wanting” (Ten Commandments) eS TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Ten Commandments” eS TW

       ^Thomas Watson - “The Ten Commandments” eS TW





         John G. Bellett - “Notes on Joshua” eS TW

         Leslie M. Grant - “Comments on Joshua” eS TW

         Thomas McCall - “Hazor and the Historicity of Joshua” eS10 TW

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings in Joshua” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Joshua” eS TW



         Samuel Ridout - “Lectures on the Book of the Judges” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Judges” eS TW

       ^Frank Wallace - “The Days of the Judges” eS TW



     **William G. Helsop - “Rubies from Ruth” eS TW

       ^William J. Hocking - “Studies in the Book of Ruth” TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “Gleanings from the Book of Ruth” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Ruth” eS TW MyS

       ^Charles Stanley (ca. 1880’s) - “Ruth the Moabitess, or Blessing and Rest” eS TW

       ^William M. Taylor - “Ruth the Gleaner” eS TW

       ^G.F. Vallance - “The Book of Ruth” eS TW

       ^Frank Wallace - “The Book of Ruth” eS TW



     **William Day Crockett - “Harmony of Samuel, Kings & Chronicles” eS TW

NOTE: This information is also available as a .harx file by clicking here! Also, read my blog about how the .harx and .topx files work.

       ^J.G. Bellett - “King Saul” (1Sam 8-31) TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Samuel” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Samuel” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Kings” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Kings” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 1Chronicles” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on 2Chronicles” eS TW



         Edward Dennett - “Ezra” eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes on the Book of Ezra” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Ezra” eS TW

         Edward Dennett - “Nehemiah” eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes on the Book of Nehemiah” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Gospel in the Gates of Jerusalem” (Neh 3) eS10 TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Nehemiah”  eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes on the Book of Esther” eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Meditations on Esther” eS TW



       ^J.G. Bellett - “Short Meditations on Elisha” TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Elijah the Tishbite” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Elisha the Prophet” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Josiah and Revival” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Samuel, God’s Emergency Man” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Solomon & His Temple” eS TW

         Christopher Knapp - “The Kings of Judah & Israel” eS TW MyS

       ^Christopher Knapp - “Life and Times of Samuel the Prophet” TW

         F.W. Krummacher - “Elijah the Tishbite” eS TW MyS

       ^F.W. Krummacher - “Elisha - A Prophet For Our Time” eS TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Profiles in Righteousness: David” eS TW MyS

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Profiles in Righteousness: Elijah” eS10 TW MyS

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Samuel the Prophet” eS TW MyS

         A.W. Pink - “The Life of Elijah” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “Gleanings from Elisha” eS TW

         A.W. Pink - “The Life of David” (2 Vols) eS TW

       ^Samuel Ridout - “King Saul: The Man After the Flesh” eS TW

       ^Charles Stanley (ca. 1880’s) - “Hezekiah, or Bible Lessons on Church Truth” eS TW

       ^Eugene P. Vedder - “The Kings of Israel” eS TW

       ^Frank Wallace - “The Life of Elisha” eS TW





       ^Samuel Ridout - “The Book of Job” eS TW

       ^Charles Stanley (ca. 1880’s) - “Job’s Conversion” eS TW




       ^Henry Law - “Commentary on the Psalms” (.cmt.twm) TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Bible Readings on the Psalms Commentary” also called Gems of the Psalms eS TW

NOTE: This is a commentary, not an ebook



         Alexander MacLaren - “Psalms” eS TW

         Alexander Maclaren - “Life of David As Reflected in His Psalms” eS TW



         Charles Bridges - “Exposition of Psalm 119” eS TW

     **J.C. Brumfield - “The Potter & the Shepherd” (Jer 18/Ps 23) eS TW (Featured DDT Module 11/10)

         William Evans - “The Shepherd’s Psalm” eS TW

         Lamb & Lion Ministries - “Psalm 83 Weblogs” eS10 TW MyS

         S. Franklin Logsdon - “The Victory Life in Psalm 119” eS TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Shepherd Psalm” eS TW



   ^**Charles Bridges - “Commentary On Proverbs” .cmtx Commentary Module eS TW

NOTE: This is not a .topx file, but rather a .cmtx file. It should be installed to your “C:...\Program Files\e-Sword” folder.

       ^Don Fleming - “Proverbs Today” eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes On Proverbs” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Power of Negative Thinking” (Prov 3) eS10 TW

       ^Anne Pratt - “The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31” TW

     **Ralph Wardlaw - “Lectures on the Book of Proverbs” 3 Vols. in topic/book format eS TW

     **Ralph Wardlaw - “Lectures on the Book of Proverbs” 3 Vols. in commentary format eS TW



       ^F.C. Jennings - “Old Groans & New Songs” (Ecclesiastes) eS TW

     **H.A. Ironside - “Addresses on Song of Solomon” eS TW

         Henry Law - “The Song of Solomon” eS TW

       ^Andrew Miller - “Meditations on the Song of Solomon” eS TW



Major Prophets


       ^Henry Mahan - “Gospel According to Isaiah” eS10 TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “Christ In Isaiah” eS TW



       ^George Andre - “The Prophet Jeremiah” (Biographical, not exegetical) eS TW

     **J.C. Brumfield - “The Potter & the Shepherd” (Jer 18/Ps 23) eS TW (Featured DDT Module 11/10)

         Harry A. Ironside - “Notes on the Lamentations & Jeremiah” eS TW



   ^**A.C. Gaebelein - “Exposition of Ezekiel” eS TW



     **Sir Robert Anderson - “Daniel in the Critics’ Den” eS TW

     **Sir Robert Anderson - “The Coming Prince” eS TW

       ^David L. Cooper - “The Seventy Weeks of Daniel” eS10 TW

         Edward Dennett - “Daniel the Prophet” eS TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “The Prophet Daniel” eS TW

         William G. Heslop - “Diamonds from Daniel” eS TW

     **Floyd Hitchcock - “The March of Empires” (Daniel) eS TW

         Thomas Ice - “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks” from RaptureReady eS10 TW MyS

         H.A. Ironside - “Lectures On Daniel The Prophet” eS TW

         Lamb and Lion Ministries - “Daniel Weblogs” eS10 TW MyS

   ^**Clarence Larkin - “The Book of Daniel” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Daniel: Choosing to Stand Alone” eS10 TW

       ^J. A. Seiss - “Daniel’s Prophecies or Voices From Babylon” TW

         Louis Talbot - “The Prophecies of Daniel” eS TW

       ^Frank Wallace - “Daniel’s Prayer Life” eS TW

   ^**John F. Walvoord - “Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation” TW

     **Robert D. Wilson - “Studies in The Book of Daniel” eS TW



Minor Prophets

         ALL OF THEM

       ^John G. Bellett - “Minor Prophets” eS TW

         H.A. Ironside - “Notes On The Minor Prophets” eS TW


         ONE OF THEM

     **S. Franklin Logsdon - “Hosea, People that Forgot God” eS TW

       ^A.C. Gaebelein - “The Prophet Joel” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Evolution and You (or Why God Hated Esau) (Obadiah)” eS10 TW

         Edward Dennett - “Jonah” eS TW

       ^W.W. Fereday - “Jonah” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Jonah: Dead or Alive” eS10 TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “Life’s Biggest Question and God’s Answer” (Habakkuk) eS TW

         H.L. Rossier - “Habakkuk” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Dark Side of Love” (Zephaniah) eS10 TW

         Edward Dennett - “Haggai” eS TW

         Edward Dennett - “Zechariah” eS TW

   ^**A.C. Gaebelein - “Studies in Zechariah” eS TW

         J. Vernon McGee - “The Secret of Power” (Zechariah 4) eS10 TW

       ^F.B. Meyer - “The Prophet of Hope” (Studies in Zechariah) eS TW

         Edward Dennett - “Malachi” eS TW

     **S. Franklin Logsdon - “Malachi, Or Will A Man Rob God” eS TW

     **G. Campbell Morgan - “Malachi’s Message to the Men of Today” eS TW MyS