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e-Sword - These are .cmtx files and should be extracted to your "...Program Files(...)/e-sword" folder.


The WORD - These are commentary files (.cmt.twm) and should be extracted to "c:\ProgramData\The Word\Books" folder.


International Critical Commentary New Testament

The ICC (International Critical Commentary) is a set of commentaries published ~1900, and now in the public domain. It’s target audience was academic; and it leans decidedly to the left. However, there are some helpful volumes in the set, and it is not without any merit at all. One must be a discerning reader of all modules - and especially of liberal ones.


I don’t typically recommend modules with a decidedly liberal bias; but academically, these modules are still often referred to. For a seminary quality personal library, these volumes are a real boon (notice I didn’t use the word “blessing;” that was on purpose).


Right now, most of the NT volumes are available for both eSword and TheWord (they are missing Acts, Petrine Epistles, & Revelation). The formatting is a little rough, and it is chapter by chapter, but it is certainly very usable. Here are the download pages:


International Critical Commentary New Testament eS TW’s “blcjr” is currently working on a major module reformat of these volumes. He is releasing them individually as he makes them, and will combine them at the end. He has put them into a very helpful verse by verse format; and even has lots of hyperlinks included. When finalized, it will be one of the most intensively built commentary sets for TW. Unfortunately for our eSword friends, Basil’s reformat is only available for theWord Bible software. Until Basil is finished (and perhaps even after!), we will make the individual volumes available right here.


By The Way -- These individual books make excellent resources for New Testament Greek Exegetical work. For information on how to set up TheWord to do in depth Greek exegesis, read my “New Testament Exegesis Using Free Resources Available For TheWord”. (Just don’t forget to plug these individual modules into the “inline commentaries” when you exegete from these New Testament books!)





^ICCNT Multivolume Module “Matthew-James (except Acts)” TW


“blcjr” has just released the latest version of the ICCNT. It now has Matthew-John & Romans-James. The current version is 0.75.


A couple of notes: he has opted not to release “Hebrews (by James Moffat)” as an individual module. So, this multivolume edition is the only place you’ll find it with all of the beautiful links & formatting blcjr is becoming renown for. ALSO: don’t forget that this version has none of the chapter by chapter formatting for the excluded books (Acts, 1Peter-Revelation). If you have the older “chapter by chapter pump and dump” module, please make sure you understand that this newer one will overwrite that older one.


You may also want to get/update the two auxiliary files (scroll down) containing a ton of hyperlinked material from the ICCNT, including the Apocrypha and some of the NT Church fathers. Regardless of your theological perspective, these two auxiliary files will be helpful in understanding many of the comments made by the ICCNT authors.





^Matthew, by Willoughby C. Allen TW

^Mark, by Ezra P. Gould TW

^Luke, by Alfred Plummer TW

^John, by J.H. Bernard TW

^Romans, by William Sandy & Arthur C. Headlam TW

^1&2 Corinthians, by A.T. Robertson & Alfred Plummer TW

^Galatians by Ernest DeWitt Burton TW

^Ephesians & Colossians, by T.K. Abbott TW

^Philippians & Philemon by Marvin R. Vincent TW

^1&2 Thessalonians, by J.E. Frame TW

^Pastoral Epistles, by Walter Lock TW

 Hebrews, by James Moffat, was not released individually

^James, by  James H. Ropes TW




blcjr has made two additional historical modules available for hyperlinking between modules. One of them is The Apocrypha; the other is some NT church fathers. These modules are included here because the ICCNT makes references to these titles, and blcjr is building the hyperlinks to these modules. I think they will be helpful for you.


^OT Apocrypha with Additions TW (now updated through “Hebrews”)

^NT Sources TW (now updated through “Hebrews”)